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Entries from August 1, 2012 - August 31, 2012


Plead the Eighth

The Eighth Ammendment: 

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

James (Jay) D. Ward is a convicted criminal, currently serving his sentence at Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas. 

Jay was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes while incarcerated. He was having the classic symptoms of excessive thirst, weight loss, frequent urination, but when he started throwing up and was short of breath he was taken to the hospital. 

With a BG of 951, Jay slipped into a diabetic coma. 

Although doctors only gave him a 10% chance of surviving he pulled through.

Now Jay has an ongoing problem. He cannot have syringes in his cell, which I understand, and he can't have an insulin pump either. Jay has to go to the Health Center in the prison to receive his shots. The problem is he is forced to receive those shots 3 hours after he eats!

Three hours!

When he finally gets insulin his BG has already spiked and we all know the damage that is being done during the time it is so high.

Please join me and many others in petitioning the penitentary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Provide people with diabetes with adequate care. 

diaTribe has a full article all about Jay's story that I urge you to read. 

If this is happening to him, we can only assume that its happening to other PWD's in prison. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

Now my father was a Sheriff's Deputy for Los Angeles county. I have been raised to obey the law and not have a lot of sympathy for criminals. If you do the crime you do the time.

But that is not where it ends.

We are humans first. The ones that do right and the ones that do wrong. I do not believe he should not be in prison. I do not believe he should have less a sentence. 

I do however believe he deserves to be healthy. And the damage this is doing to his body could be a far longer sentence than the years the judge handed him.

Please spread the word.

Click here to sign the petition


Keep On Trying

Attempting once again to lose some poundage I am cutting back and adding more.

Cutting back on the carbs and adding lots of veggies. And not the starchy ones either.

Water is also something I am trying to get more of. Diet Pepsi is still a favorite but I need to slow it down with the sodapop and get some of good ole H2O and I actually enjoy it when it’s nice and cold.

So does this mean a new Ninja? No not yet. It is going to take some time for these habits to actually become habits. At least that is the goal.

And this on the eve of my 6th anniversary of quitting smoking.

The time to create some new healthy habits is now. It may be months before I will say I am a changed ninja but for now I am just gonna keep on trying.


Happy Brother And Sister Day!

If you are not familiar with Brother and Sister Day than you can check out the links below to past posts, watch the vlog my kids made a few years ago, or just enjoy all the pictures of my siblings and siblings in law. ;)

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I hope you connect with the siblings in your life today. Blood related or not. We all have people we can wish a Happy Brother and Sister day to.






Make Plans For Tomorrow

Why? Tomorrow is Brother and Sister Day!

At the Simmons house, every August 22nd, our kids celebrate "Brother & Sister Day."

It was 9 years ago when Georgie & Gillian told us one August morning,

"We want to start a new holiday. It's called brother and sister day! Every year on August 22nd we will make it a special day where we just play together and do cool stuff, but just us. No other friends or anything! Isn't that cool?"

My wife and I were a little curious as to where they came up with this and why August 22nd? George said, "Well, we have mother's day and father's day but no Brother and Sister day. And since our birthdays are both on the 22nd of our months, August is kind of in the middle so we thought that would be good."

Keep in mind that George was 9 and Gillian was only 5 when they came up with this. 

The first annual Bro and Sis day consisted of playing in the sprinklers, watching movies, playing board games, and switching bedrooms for the night.

9 years later and the tradition is still going strong although schedules make it tough. Gillian has an event at school tomorrow night but they have committed to hanging out all day on Saturday to celebrate. And now that George has a license the possiblities for stuff to do has majorly increased!

I hope you will take some time tomorrow to either connect with your siblings or those friends that are family to you. Family has nothing to do with DNA in my book! 


You Down With DOC?

A few months ago I found that my insurance would not cover my One Touch strips but instead gave me a Freestyle meter and strips to match. I was pretty upset about it but why? The DOC, that is why.

That’s right, I am blaming the DOC for my issue with insurance just deciding things for me. Before the DOC I just took whatever I was giving and used which ever device I was told to use and it was fine! I never was upset with the insulin I took or if it came out of a syringe or not.  I didn’t care about back lights on a meter or what glucose tabs tasted like. I didn’t care about which doctor I saw since they are all the same and they all know the same things.

Wow! Ignorance is bliss I guess. A bliss that can really make diabetes crumbier. Sure it already sucks and every meter wants my blood but the features I want are not going to be the same features you might want.

If I am testing then why should it matter? In fact, because I am testing it should matter what I want so I will continue to do what I need to do to stay out of the hospital in need of costly treatment for avoidable complications!

Staying connected to the community allows me to see what is out there and what you all think about it. It empowers me to find the doctor that works for me, talk to him about my treatment, be engaged, and question things from a place of knowledge.

You don’t have to write or participate in the DOC to receive its benefits but when you do you become part of the empowering voice and that is a good feeling.


This post actually started with the desire to complain about my Freestyle Lite meter and how it needs a new battery almost every week but things turned for the better I guess. This was a much more productive and positive post which is where I want to be today.