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Entries from March 1, 2010 - March 31, 2010


Sick of It

This morning I got up the nerve to up my dose of Symlin to 45. I have been taking it for quite some time but have had terrible nausea. Because of that I started off at 15 and tried sticking with that until the nausea was completely gone before bumping it up to 30.

From looking at all of the people I know taking Symlin, I seem to be on the very sensitive side. Most have been able to adjust rather quickly and I am worried why it is taking me so long.

After many weeks I bumped up my afternoon and evening doses to 30 and finally went to 45 when I was nausea free. My morning dose stayed at 15 for a while and when I moved 30, I had a very rough time. The nausea was awful and almost unbearable but I pushed through it and stuck with it until the nausea was gone.

That was some time last week. I wanted to move to the 45 mark but was very scared after how horrible the jump from 15 to 30 was. I didn’t know if I could handle it.

So this morning I decided to try it. I clicked my pen to 45 and pulled back the plunger. As soon as I stuck it in my gut and pressed down, I was sure I would get nauseous.

Sure enough, I got terribly ill.

I went into the bathroom and started dry heaving. My stomach was cramping up on me and finally all the heaving caused me to start actually throwing up. It was worse then before because I could not stop myself. Over and over my body clenched up and heaved. Throwing up is not usually a big deal for me so this was weird. At one point I thought I would have to go to a hospital to stop my body from continuing to vomit.

When it stopped I sat on the floor and tried to catch my breath. I wanted more than anything to lie down and rest for a while but a tug on the door handle told me someone was waiting to use the facilities so I figured I would get up and head back to my desk.

I feel better now or I should say, the way I usually do after taking Symlin. Not sick to my stomach but it feels like I have heart burn or something stuck in my esophagus. It’s a weird feeling but not nausea.

I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it. My blood sugars are pretty darn good with the Symlin but is it worth the few hours of awful nausea? I am not sure.

I would love your opinion because I am on the verge of just giving up on it.


You Tube Tuesday #164

I know I have been away and have not posted in a few days. I feel horrible about it but hope that the rest of my life will calm down soon enough to be able to post more frequently. 

This clip is awesome. I love Photoshop but frankly suck at using it. I probably use about 5% of what the program is capable of and after seeing this, I am guessing I am not alone. 

Check out this sneak peek at some very cool updates to Photoshop that will make you a PS master in a few clicks.



Not Yet Dad

A few weeks ago I had an appointment with my neurologist to follow up on some blood work she had done regarding the “surges” in my head.

The results showed elevated numbers of inflammatories in my blood and high cholesterol. Because neither one of those things should cause the weird head changes I get, my neurologist is ordering a ultrasound on the nerves on the back of my neck. I am awaiting that approval.

In the mean time I made an appointment with my Primary Care Doctor to discuss the blood work results.

Tuesday afternoon was the appointment time and it was the first time ever that the receptionist knew who I was. I assume this is some sort of PPO perk. The waiting room was empty which of course I tweeted a picture of and I was called in pretty quickly.

After being reminded of my inability to eat normal food amounts (aka being weighed) I went into a little room to wait for the doc.

When he got in he asked if my neurologist explained my blood test results to me. His tone was weird. Almost as if he did not want to be the one to break some bad news or something. I told him that she said my cholesterol was high and that there were elevated numbers of inflammatories.

He agreed with what I said and began to explain that inflammatories only show that something was inflamed at the time they took the test. I could have had a headache, a sore knee, or possibly arthritis. He said he wanted to draw some more blood to see if the numbers have changed at all.

When we talked about cholesterol I told him that in the past I was taking Lipitor and had no problems. Only when I switched insurance and had to take Zocor did I have muscle pain and of course I had to discontinue taking it. He suggested we check and see if Lipitor is now covered and if not, to send a letter to get it approved. He put the order into his computer to be filled in the pharmacy downstairs (another thing that has never happened) and said that we should know in a few minutes if you are approved or not.

“Look, I am very concerned about having a heart attack. My dad was 43 when he had one and it killed him almost instantly” I told him trying desperately to hold back the lump in my throat. “I just don’t want to go out like that. If I need bypass surgery tomorrow I am in. You can stent me all up.”

“You are a 37 year old (first time I heard the new number used since this was on my birthday) pretty healthy guy (never heard that before either) but with your family history and diabetes we need to be aggressive. Your cholesterol is high but not too bad. If you were not a diabetic I would say to watch what you eat and exercise. But I want to be aggressive I want better numbers to do everything we can to avoid complications.”

It was one of the rare times that I felt like my doctor was on my side and that he really wanted to help me. Another PPO perk? Who knows.

He said his goodbye’s, told me to see him in two weeks, and sent the nurse in to draw some blood.

So now I wait and see what happens. One thing that I need to change is to not skip appointments and to put my health at the top of my priority list. Too often I cancel appointments for work and other things and I just cannot do that.

I love my father and miss him dearly but I do not want to go out like he did and I can wait a little longer to see him again. 



Today I am attending a convention all day so I will be offline.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Between Twitter, Facebook, and Email I was shocked at the amount of "happy birthday" greetings. It is good to feel loved and I do. Very much so.
I'll be back at tomorrow. I had a doctors appointment yesterday to tell you about.
Take care.


You Tube Tuesday #163

I was trying to find a funny You Tube clip to feature today having something to do with my birthday since, well today is my birthday.

I started looking on You Tube and just searched "Happy Birthday George." Here are 3 clips that I found.



Okay, this first one had me laughing uncontrollably for a long while which is why I had to share it. 


This one is not for the kids but still pretty funny to me. Platinum G huh? I don't think I can handle another nickname. 


And this clip is actually from a meetup last year. Check out the coolest birthday "cake" ever!