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Entries from April 1, 2010 - April 30, 2010


My First Day

Let me start by saying this is the first blog post I have written using my iPad and the Pages app so hopefully this will not be a formatting nightmare when I try to move this onto my blog.

Yesterday morning I landed in Minneapolis 45 minutes early. Maybe the pilot had to be somewhere or maybe it was a strong tailwind. Who knows?

As soon I landed I sent a text to Scott to let him know I was already here. He was 30 minutes away which as you all know, is not a big deal when you have to still taxi to the terminal, get off of the plane, find a restroom (I always have to go), and then get your luggage. Soon after I had my bag Scott and his kids showed up to get me. I did my best to break the ice with the kids and I think since I act more like a child than an adult, it was pretty easy for them to feel comfortable with me. We left the airport and spent the afternoon with Scott's dad. Here's the thing. I have yet to feel like anything but family. Scott's dad greeted me like I was family and sitting with him, his grandkids, his son, and even getting to meet his daughter made for a real special time. I am already looking forward to the next time I come out and spend more time hanging out in his beautiful backyard. After that we went back to the Johnson home for the evening. Scott's wife, Tab, once again made me feel like family. No kidding. It's almost like I already knew everyone and we were just getting to see one another again. Total and complete comfort and acceptance. So that's the recap for day one. Did I mention no stress? Zero. Zilch. All is chill and it's great. I'll recap the other days soon but I wanted to at least tell you about my first day in Minnesota.


The Time Has Come


Tomorrow I leave for a get-away to Minnesota. I am looking forward to hanging out with my buddy Scott and his family and just chilling. Saturday is a meetup at the Mall of America that I am looking forward to also. Meeting other D-folk is something I really enjoy and some are coming from far away (Scott and Chris!)!

Most importantly I am in need of some rest. Not sleep but rest for my brain. I am in charge of too many things and although I like to consider myself a leader, I am spent. I love being involved and I love having things to do but right now, all this responsibility is making me feel like I am drowning, literally.

So my plan is to relax, refresh, reconnect, and rest.

I may post some quick iPhone posts while I am away but I am not sure. I am not going to stress about anything if I can help it.


You Tube Tuesday #168

The Consumer Electronic Show is awesome. I have had the pleasure of attending a few of these conventions in Las Vegas and it is Geek Heaven.

This man was at CES in 2009 and he rocks.



Peer Pressure

Seeing those two words takes me back to grammar school. Being told that surely one day in high school I will be tested by a group of leather clad punk rocker type kids who will offer me some grass, to which I have been instructed to say “Nope to dope and UGH to DRUGS!”

That never did happen to me. Thankfully all of my friends knew I was not into getting into trouble or really even interested in drugs. I thought peer pressure was something I dodged.

Not anymore.

You see I have a friend of mine who also has diabetes. He is a type 2 who takes insulin. Lately every time I see the guy he is offering me snacks. Sugary snacks.

Now you know by the bridge in “All the Diabetics” that I don’t think it’s right to tell PWD’s what they can and cannot eat. That is not right. I eat lots of things some people would say I shouldn’t. That is not the point.

The point is, he offers me peanut M&M’s and when I say, “No thanks” he says, “come on man you can have a few.” Total peer pressure and although I thought it was kind of funny the first time he did it, it is annoying now.

The last time he offered some candy I told him, “Nah man but if I go low you will be my go-to guy.” That defused the situation and will probably be my come back in the future.

Have you ever had another PWD push their sweets onto you? How do you deal with this stuff.

It’s like the opposite of the diabetes police.


You Tube Tuesday #167

When I was growing up we were pretty strapped for cash. I didn't have all the cool toys my friends had. My sisters and I would make up games, climb the tree out front, go on hikes, make up skits and shows for my parents, and basically entertain ourselves.

Every summer we loved to play in the sprinklers and since we could not afford to buy a Slip N Slide, we made our own out of trash bags we cut down the sides and held in the lawn with tent stakes, screw drivers, and the occasional brick. One would be in charge of the hose while the others slipped and slid across the make shift water ride.

It was awesome.

Check out these firemen using their mega hose to help make this slip and slide the most awesome thing I have seen in a while. I wish I could have a go down that hill!