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Entries from November 1, 2008 - November 30, 2008


Food Hangover

Yesterday was good, bad, and great.

I slept in nice and late which was very nice. It is great when you do not have to set an alarm clock and I looking forward to retirement when I can finally do that for good! But until then I will enjoy these few days here and there when I wake when I dang well please.

Jasmine started working on dinner stuff around 10 after I finished up breakfast. I love cooking breakfast for the family. So after we ate, George was back on the couch nursing a cold and Gillian and I hung out to help Jasmine or stay out of her way.

At about 10:30 I hear a major gasp in the kitchen and Jasmine says, "Of course this would happen on Thanksgiving!" I walk into the kitchen and see that the sink is clogged. This would be the bad part.

I tweeted about the whole thing and lo and behold I get a phone call from my future Brother in law. He says he is on the way to help.

By 1pm my sink was clear and the food prep was back in full effect. THANK YOU STEVE!!! I think my sister picked a keeper right?

So now to the great part. The food.

Jasmine made the bacon wrapped goodness upside down which made for very juicy white meat!

Even Teddy had his own Thanksgiving meal.

And boy did he enjoy that.

As did we.

You may wonder "who the heck took that picture" well my friend Matt was stuck at work late and a nasty traffic accident made it impossible to make it to his families dinner. Instead of being home alone, we invited him over which was awesome because he brought Ranch dressing which we were out of.

As we went around the table saying grace, my prayer included my thanks for my friends and how much they are a part of my family (Just like MATT!) and all of you were included. The online community I care so much for.

After dinner we played Wii Music which was a blast and watched Wall-E.

How was your holiday and have you ever had a bad situation like our plumbing issue on Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving Day - Kerri's idea

After seeing Kerri's awesome post today, I thought I would jump on board but personalize a bit for my blog.



A New Thanksgiving

This year we are doing something for Thanksgiving that we have never done before.

Staying home.

We typically go somewhere for Turkey day. Last year it was New Mexico. I think the year before that we met everyone at my Aunt’s house. This year we are staying home and just enjoying the day with us. Just the 4 of us.

I am really excited. We typically have the entire family over or all get together for everything. Not that I am complaining but I think it will be good to just be us. We never do that.

And this year it is especially important I think. This house feels more and more like home tomorrow will really allow us to spend sometime together at home.

Home. I like that.

Although if a certain blogger (Kelly) was in town she would be invited over because we are having the most amazing Turkey I have ever seen. I swear, I could have come up with this!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


You Tube Tuesday #96

Yup, it’s another cat clip.



Rough Night

I hardly slept last night.

I tossed and turned so much my fitted sheet came off and I woke my wife fixing it. She was probably awake from the turning and tossing now that I think about it.

My feet were aching all night. This is not pain on the bottom of my feet but it was from my ankles all down through my toes. I am scared of all the pain I keep feeling in my feet. My pulse seems okay and check them daily but the numbness, coldness, and achiness are all scary.

My high blood sugars cannot help I know as well as the gain in weight I have achieved (which is an entirely different post) cannot help either.

Also I have noticed that my socks leave a mark on my ankles that are still there in the morning. Thank cannot be good.

I take a water pill to cut down on the swelling of my feet and ankles but they still swell and hurt all the time.

My last podiatrist gave me D-shoes and sent me walking (pun intended). That was it.

My fear is that the damage I have already done cannot be reversed or that I am doomed to awful complications.

To make it worse, once I did get back to sleep I dreamt that Jasmine was pushing me around in a wheelchair. In the dream I remember quietly crying while she silently pushed me through a park, the whole time never looking down at my feet at all. I could not bring myself to look.

Was it a premonition?

Oh God, I hope not.