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Entries from February 1, 2011 - February 28, 2011


Drumming for Days

I am leaving on a weekend retreat called Cursillo and I am going to be playing drums all weekend long.

I cannot tell you how much I need this weekend. To recharge, reconnect, and refresh my spirit.

I hope my online presence will get a good kick start too after this weekend. I think the funk I am in helps me stay away and my guess is I will be feeling much better after this retreat.

Take care all!



You Tube Tuesday #211

I realize what a dork I am when I see videos like this and all I can say is, "AWESOME!!!!"

But honestly, it is pretty cool.




During our Thanksgiving trek across the Southwest I spent some time with my good friend and author Wil. Wil is not only a smart, funny, and witty guy but he is also a good friend who is always willing to help.

As we met I talked a lot about the endo I was seeing was driving me a little nuts. I told him how I was told not to make changes to my pump settings on my own. How they have me coming in every 2 weeks. And how annoying it is that EVERY time I go in they ask me the same 200 questions like, “when do you wake up,” and “how do you feel when your blood sugar is below 70?”

Wil said something to me that has been clanging around between my ears since. He said, “Let me ask you a question. Do you need to see an endocrinologist regularly?”

This struck me. Do I? I mean, why do I go? If my doctor would write up my prescriptions, order lab work quarterly, and have at least some understanding about diabetes than couldn’t a regular doctor be enough? If there was something extra I needed I could go see an endo at that point.

I let it simmer in my noggin for a while even as I kept going in to the same endo. Every two weeks the same questions. And there was my favorite statement, “Wow you must really need insulin!” That came up when there was a spike of my bg when my pump ran out and I forgot to refill it.

Fast forward to a week or two ago. I get a call from someone who I swear one the lottery. “George, it’s Jaimie. I had to call you and I am crying but I had to. George I just saw the most awesome doctor and you have to see him. He spent two hours with me and told me that he does not treat people like A1C’s and numbers but as people. And he is LADA and on a pump! I can’t stop crying but I had to call you. You have to see him!!!”

I listened to the message again. Hearing her excitement was infectious. Could a doctor really be that awesome? Having a doctor who is actually on a pump would be awesome right? I mean, he would get stuff that other doctor can’t. It’s like having a member of the OC as your doctor.

So I made an appointment. He is not very close to me but the way I see it is, “it’s worth the drive if it keeps me alive.” How’s that for a bumper sticker?

So very soon I will let you all know how my appointment goes. I am excited, nervous, curious, and a little scared. Am I ready to start all over and with someone not so close to my home?

I called Jaimie to let her know that I made the appointment and we talked more about her experience. She says he spoke to her about the emotional health of his patients with diabetes and how if they are not mentally prepared to attempt to Tame the Tiger than it will be impossible. He talked to her a lot about the mental aspects of diabetes and the need for good mental health besides physical. I thought that was awesome and made me even more excited.

The thing is, he is not an endo. He is a general practitioner with a focus on diabetes. A diabetesologist if you will. The fact is that a lot of the information I have learned about diabetes has come from the OC. Not an endo. Who’s to say better care for me could come from a regular doctor instead of an endo? It makes sense. I know the questions to ask and the things to ask about. The OC keeps me up to date with new stuff to ask about. I think this will work for me. Do you just see a general practitioner? I would love your thoughts.

But for me, I am going CommandEndo. 


You Tube Tuesday #210

Slow motion is awesome. 

If I was stuck in a hotel room with an awesome HD camera I would probably do this too. Don't worry, this is kid friendly.



A Card For You

Just a quick Ninja Valentine’s card to all who visit my blog.

Thank you for the support and love. I don’t know what I would do without it.

I love you all.

Happy Valentine’s Day.