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Entries from November 1, 2007 - November 30, 2007


A Ninja at the Alamo

That was a little nod to my buddy Chris.
I am in Alamo NV and you should definately google this place. I am in the middle of no where but somehow I have reception. My leadership training is difficult and my BG has been thru the roof. I am guessing it is the stress, who knows.
I will post again tomorrow via Blackberry.
HOORAY for technology.


Off He Goes

I am leaving for Las Vegas this morning and will not be back until late Friday night.

Nope, just business.

I am a little worried because I may not get reception on my cell phone where I am going. I am going to try my best to post up tomorrow via my blackberry just so I can keep up with my NaBloPoMo record.

Alright, gotta go catch a flight.

See ya!


You Tube Tuesday #48

This is a special edition this week.

The clip you are about to see goes along with yesterdays post. After my brother in law and I braved the snowy slope we talked my sister into giving it a try.

Now you will hear her scream "I'm scared" and then you will hear me telling her to get over it and to just do it.


Back Home

We made the long journey home safe and sound. Thanks for all the good vibes being sent our way.

Now, I wanted to post some pictures of our snow time in Santa Fe. If you are wondering how cold it was. Here a few pictures from town where we were walking around.

Brrr! After walking around for a while we headed up the hills just North of town to play in the snow. Here is a few pic's on the way up.

Here are pics of the kids getting ready to play. We pulled over on the side of the road and this little picnic area made for a good spot for sledding fun.

Here are my kids and my nieces sliding down the hill on little sleds my brother in law picked up. They had a blast.

I think I saw a ninja on the snow too!



Today we bid farewell to The Land of Enchantment. A 13 plus hour drive awaits us and of course I am dreading it but all and all it was a great time.

We all got to play in the snow yesterday just North 0f Santa Fe. I have pictures but I cannot get them on this computer for whatever reason.

Since we are running late I am going to have to save those for you until tomorrow. I know how much the OC loves pictures!

This post feels strangely like writing home during summer camp. I have not had a chance to read any blogs during this vacation so expect late comments from your Ninja friend.

Please pray, rub a rabbits foot, cross fingers, or light a candle and hope for a safe drama free drive for the Simmons'.