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Entries from November 1, 2006 - November 30, 2006


Side Effects

So I have been smoke free for 3 months!

Whoop de Do!

I know, I know. I am happy about that but I have turned into a food scarfing machine! I cannot stop eating. I am crazy hungry all the time. All. The. Freaking. TIME!

So sure I do not smell like an ashtray but I look like this guy...

nice huh?

And poor Master P (my insulin pump) did not notice a difference on Thanksgiving since I have been bolusing like there is no tomorrow for 3 whole months! That has been 90 days of non-stop eating, constant hunger, and filling reservoirs on a (what seems) daily basis. I have to start wearing maternity clothes or sweats or maybe...

a kilt?


The "Win Win"

Back in July, I wrote a post about searching for purpose.

That post was harder to read then it was to write. I look at it now and tears of relief fill my eyes because a very small but important purpose has shown itself to me.

Last Wednesday I met with a representative of the JDRF chapter here in Orange County. She brought me a “Teen Pack” for me to give to “M.” We had been emailing each other for a few weeks now and finally had a chance to hook up on my lunch hour.

The “Teen Pack” was filled with books, info, a BG kit, and a Teddy Bear that made me well up when I saw it. We talked about M and how he was doing. She was very upbeat, funny, and cool. We hit it off immediately. We swapped diagnosis stories which I find really interesting but seems kind of strange when you think about it, and she commented on how my diagnosis at 17 seemed worse to her then her diagnosis at 11. I thought the opposite.

I think people do that a lot. I tend to always think that it could be worse. “You should be happy with your life no matter what.” I almost scold myself. It could be worse! I always feel bad for others and not myself.

So, I told her about my new attitude this year. I told her about being a Born Again Diabetic and I told her all about all the OC and you guys! She thought that was cool and I told her, everyone in the OC is cool, duh!

I explained how I have been wanted to find a way to help other diabetics. She suggested one way that I could get involved with what she does.

When a newly diagnosed child’s family contacts the JDRF, she gets someone in the area to make contact with them. Let them know that they are not alone and take them a “Bag of Hope” or a “Teen Pack” and info about the JDRF. She told me that she would add me to her roster if I was interested.

I told her, “PLEASE add me to that list! I have wanted to get involved and this sounds great!”

She also talked to me about their Gala event and golf tournament that I could also help out with.

It was really a great meeting. I am excited about this new way that I can help.

I took that “Teen Pack” to church on Sunday to “M” and his family. His mom was so appreciative and said, “You have been such a great help. We are very blessed to have you in our lives.”

I told her how this whole situation got me in touch with the JDRF and how it has helped me as much as it has helped “M.” She agreed and was excited to check out the stuff with “M.”

That my friends is what is called a “Win-Win!”


Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie!

I find that returning to playground rules and name calling sometimes just makes the most sense.

Here are some examples.

1. Dinner is done and we are all sitting at the table.

Dad says, “The table needs to be cleared… 1,2,3, NOT IT!”

2. My son is vacuuming under the couch using one of the attachments on the Hoover.

Dad says, “I see London, I see France, I see Georgie’s underpants!”

3. Mom and Dad finally go to bed.

Dad says, “Hey honey I am feeling a little frisky!”
Mom says,“ I know you are but what am I?”

Sometimes playground talk just works. It is simple and gets the point across plus it makes for lots of laughs.

The other night my daughter was making me laugh and I said, “stop being crazy, you little Chaka!”

Both of my kids started laughing saying, “who is Chaka?”

“Chaka is the coolest little dude from the Land of the Lost! Duh!”

“Um dad, what is the Land of the Lost?”

Well, being the geek that I am I hopped online and went straight to You Tube to find a Land o’ the Lost vid with the Chakster in it. And lo and behold, I find the very first scene where my little furry friend made his debut! Check it out!

About 10 seconds into the clip I look at my son and he is half covering his face.


Oh my gosh, I could not stop laughing. How could any one be scared of Chaka? But then again, he was freaky! Oh how my side ached! It was so funny. So I had to mess with him.

I told him, “make me shut it off”

He replied,

“I don’t make Monkey’s, I just train them.”


Still Putting Together the Puzzle

I have been posting like mad this week and I apologize. There are many more exciting things going on in the OC.

Like Art-Sweet’s SUHWEET NEWS!!!!!!!

Or my buddy Scott’s news. You must check it out.

Or the OC Blog Awards. Get over there and vote!

But, nevertheless, my narcissistic self emerges and now I give you the story of the day.

The Podiatrist.

It has been several years since my abnormally large feet have been manhandled by a dude in scrubs. I am probably the most ticklish person in the world. You know, one of those that you stick your finger out and start nearing my waist and I will giggle like a little kid? I have almost kicked many loved ones in the face when they have grabbed my foot or attempted to give me a foot massage. Not happening.

I was a little nervous since I do not want to kick a doc in the grill. I can’t even imagine the co-payment for that. Luckily, Diabetes has taken away so much feeling in my feet that I can hardly feel his hands checking me out. (that was sarcastic BTW)

He did say that my pulse is good so hooray for that. Also, he noticed some discoloring but he thinks I should not worry about that too much.

All and all it was an easy appointment. He put a referral in to get me sized for diabetic shoes. I asked, will they would be Type 1’s or Type 2’s? He laughed. I thought, “Man that was lame. But he’s seems like a cool cat!”

So another piece of the care team has been found. Dang, this Born Again Diabetic crap is a lot of work!


The Follow Up Appointment

I went this morning to have a follow-up appointment with Dr. F-Bomb. He looked at all of the paperwork from the hospital, pressed around on my stomach (in my head, the Jell-O song was playing **watch it wiggle, see it jiggle), and said, “My guess is that it’s Pancreatitis. Pretty common with diabetes. I will give you a lab slip to get some blood drawn. We will start there and see.”

Darn it! No F-Bombs today.

Okay, I am glad I am not dying. Truly I am but really, this whole package deal with diabetes really pisses me off. It just seems like such a cop out. Sore foot? Diabetes. Headache? Diabetes. Blind? Diabetes. Leaky roof? Diabetes. I apologize for the random rant but sometimes stiff like that just comes pouring out.

So there it is.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a podiatrist (my first in a very very long time) so before that I plan to hit the lab and give them some blood.

He also reminded me that I am due for an ophthalmology appointment.