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Entries from June 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012


Wordless Wednesday - Graduates





Last week was a weird one for me. I saw my son graduate high school and my daughter graduate junior high.

Time is flying by.

Being a parent has been my identity and focus for so many years. My wife and I sacrifice a lot for them and out of the joy in our hearts. But the fact is, soon it going to be just us and then what?

I mean, we used to go out and have fun but really over the past several years our going out is usually to performance of our of kids or a school event. Not a bad thing at all but that was what our social life kind of consisted of.

So we thought we should probably find some things to do just for us. Like a hobby or something that the two of us can focus on.

Without further ado I am proud to announce that my wife and I signed up for Salsa dance class at our city community center and our first class is tonight.

I don't eat salsa and I have never danced it either but I am willing to try. Whenever I see older couples getting their dance on I get so inspired. I want to be that old guy with the smooth moves while my wife gets to make all the other ladies jealous that their man has two left feet. 

Well, it may not be that great but I know if we are doing it together it will be fun. Not to mention the benefit of exercise!

As a parent you should focus on your kids. But the fact is that your relationship with your spouse is just as important and when the kids are off doing their own thing and you are left with someone you really having had all to yourself in 20 something years it can be difficult. Better to start now and get a plan for the future. 

A plan to have fun together, exercise together, laugh together, and just be together.

Now where to find a ruffle shirt and maracas?


Count Your Threads

Last weekend my wife and I attending a wedding down in San Diego. San Diego is about a 2 hour drive from my home so we decided to make a weekend trip out of it. We never take off and just enjoy a weekend away so this was a good excuse.

The problem is that San Diego is a great town which means expensive hotels. I wanted to find something near the reception but nothing too expensive. I have never considered myself the type who has to stay some place fancy. For me it all about the sight seeing, not the thread count of my sheets. 

So, we found a moderately priced hotel in close proximity of the reception and booked it. Sweet! Thanks HoJo

Sure the little kid in the room next to us watching cartoons, jumping on the bed, getting yelled at by his mom for jumping on said bed, and yelling back at her woke us up on both Saturday and Sunday. But it was kind of like a wake up call so I dealt with that. 

But here's the annoying part. The sheets. These linens felt like towels. Well, like the towels in the bathroom that felt like sandpaper. So towel for Sandpeople? I dunno, but they were not awful, just a little rough. 

I would probably not have really noticed it except that my 3 day old Dexcom sensor just tore out of my side when I was turning over in the middle of the night. Something that has never happened before.

Whenever I drink alcohol I almost always have a low. I didn't have a lot to drink but I did have a few at the reception so I was thankful to have my CGM but to have it get torn out in the middle of the night was totally upsetting. 

The other bummer was that this was my last sensor. Like many things in life I totally failed at ordering on time so my sensors were on their way but not home yet.

No biggie right? I mean, I can deal until the sensors come.

Until now.

I just got to work with my new sensor in hand ready to put it on and start my day and I cannot find my transmitter. 

As soon as I get home from any trip I empty every suitcase and check ever pocket for every and any thing. Surely I would have put that sensor in my diabetes man satchel. Nope. Maybe I put in my nightstand when I got home? Nope. Maybe it's till in the suitcase? Nope.

I have no clue what a transmitter costs but I am sure it is nothing I have in the bank. Oh I am sick to my stomach thinking about it. I never forget stuff like this NEVER! I am so super anal about my stuff that I feel like I am going a little crazy right now. 

Ugh, so friends remember that thread counts matter. Linens matter. We need these things to stick to us and sleeping on a doormat is fine if you don't turn over. Ever. 


Bridge to Graduation

Since this month is all about my son graduating high school and my daughter being promoted into high school, the diabetes posts have been almost non-existent. Soon I will be back with more glucosical fun!

Until then, enjoy my June calendar picture. I love it! Have you been across this bridge?