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Today is Fiesta day at work.

I swear I work at The Office.


Earthquake Rant


I hate them. They scare the crap out of me and regardless of the fact that I have lived in California all of my life, I am still not used to them.

I have many really good reasons to hate earthquakes and for those of you who have not experienced one, some of my issues may surprise you.

First, the thought that this is “THE BIG ONE” that we keep hearing about. I have heard about this destructive quake that is “coming soon” since I was a little kid. Now every time the ground shakes I figure I am going to probably end up underneath a pile of rubble.

There is also the fact that you do not know when one is going to hit. You have no warning at all. At first you think, did a truck crash into the building? Did something explode? It takes a second to realize what is happening and then you wonder, how long is this going to shake and is it going to stop or get harder? Is this the hardest it is going to shake? Is there anything above me that will fall on me? What about my kids? My spouse? My house? My drive home?

Let’s not forget the sound. The grumbling of an angry earth moving beneath you. Like a monster below the surface. It is an awful sound not to mention the dishes, cupboards, drawers and anything else clanging around.

When you turn on the TV people from all over are saying how they “felt it” to which I say, “It was an earthquake. Of course you felt a rolling motion! DUH!” I hate the news because then they say, “There is a chance that this is a pre-shock to a larger quake. We can only wait and see.” Lovely. I HATE the news!

Did I mention the aftershocks? See, the earthquake is not enough, it like when you laugh about a really funny thing that has just happened and then you laugh a few minutes later thinking about it again, and then later that night it pops into your head and you giggle about it and then the next week you really start cracking up again for no reason and then…you understand. The initial “joke” is the cause of many laugh attacks later. Except with a quake, I am not laughing when it continues to shake weeks later.

I did not sleep at all last night because I was just waiting for an aftershock to hit. I won’t sleep well for a while now. Not that I was sleeping very well anyway but now it will be worse.

Tornados, Hurricanes, Floods, are all terrible. I am sad when I see them happen in the world and when a hurricane or flood comes, no one is spared. I completely understand their power to destroy, I just envy the fact that with those you have some time to prepare your brains or get someone or leave. NOT THAT IT MAKES IT ANY EASIER AT ALL! I do not want you to think that I think those natural disasters are easy, I do not.

It’s just that with quakes, you have no warning. No time of the year. No weather pattern. No warning at all. If I knew when they were coming then I think they would be easier to deal with.

I dunno.

One thing is for sure.

I hate Earthquakes.


You Tube Tuesday #79

I am not a fan of Mad TV but I am a fan of Anjelah Johnson and she is hysterical in this skit.



I Don't Know What To Think

A while back I wrote a post on my dLife blog about a very scary situation that happened to a friend of mine from church.

He is a Type 2 that recently started taking insulin. Anyhow, he totaled his truck after passing out while driving due to an extreme low. Luckily he did not hurt himself and hit no one either.

Yesterday at church I asked him how things were going.

“I lost my license. I have to go to court but I can’t drive. There is a lot of crap going on right now.” He wanted to change the subject and I could not blame him. I could see he was getting upset.

My heart ached for him.

At first when I heard this I was so angry. Was it his fault? Did he ask for this? Who is to blame?

I would say Diabetes is to blame but does that mean he shouldn’t have a license?

He could have killed himself.

He could have killed someone.

He could have killed me.

I could have been behind that wheel.

I am not sure what to think. One side says he should not drive and the other says if he shouldn’t then anyone at risk of anything shouldn’t either.

Whatare your thoughts on this?


A Curious Friday

Today has been a weird one for me. My head is swirling with questions and I am getting dizzy with all this stuff swimming around upstairs. So I am gonna list all the stuff that keeps popping into my head and see if any of you have any ideas for me.

Should I go see the X-Files movie despite the bad reviews?

Why was I up all night dreaming about Earthquakes?

How much longer will it take for me to finish the book I have been reading for months?

Why is New Kids on the Block touring again?

How can something call itself “Reduced Sugar” and still have 35 carbs per serving?

When will I finally book a trip to Minnesota?

Where IS the beef?

And lastly,

Was that Bush or Batman?

Have a great weekend all and be sure and follow the Ninjabetic “tweets” on Twitter. You never what silly antics I may be up to.

Honestly, I am pretty boring but if you want to follow you can.