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Entries from January 1, 2010 - January 31, 2010


The Recap Rhyme

This week was crazy and busy and fun,

So now I’ll recap for the week’s almost done.

From Monday to Last night and all in between,

A post from “G-Money,” “SuperG,” or “Sheen.”


On Monday, done thinking and ready for the plan,

Come Lent I’ll be a weight loss, exercising man.

After time in deep thought trying to self motivate,

A talk with my sister made the plan apparate.  


My clip that came Tuesday of the bear and the cat,

Was another in the many I pull from my hat,

All cute little cat clips end up on YTT,

My new nickname should be “cyber cat lady.”


Come Wednesday I told you I’d be a travelling man,

To the place we Lutherans call “the Holy Land.”

To Minnesota for a meet up on the very 1st of May,

Come down! You can meet me and my friend Scotty J.


Just yesterday morning I told you of the fun,

I’ve been having with lame insulin absorption,

To the side of my thigh I decided to go,

And I spoke of how happy I was I went low.


So now onto Friday, and a weekend of fun

Tonight I’ll kill zombies with Scott and my son,

Tomorrow a visit from my friend from my old band,

And Sunday after church a trip to Disneyland!


So thanks for reading my little week recap,

Leave a comment if you like it, or if you think it’s crap.

Now have a great weekend, cause all weekends are rad,

Oh No! I forgot to mention the best thing. iPad! ;)



My insulin needs have been increasing like mad lately. I know that the added weight I have put on does not help. Insulin resistance occurs at times when one is over weight and let me tell you, I am up and over!


As far as my diet goes, not much has changed but honestly, the other day I went through a full reservoir in less than two days. And still I was high.

So on Monday I needed to do a site change and decided to move my set to the outside of my thigh wondering if I was having an issue with absorption.

Turns out I was right.

After the switch I started having constant lows that I had not seen in a while. It is an awful feeling when you are actually happy you have a low. But to be in good control is to be closer to the edge of a low. The key of course is to stay steady enough not to drop into a low. Let me know if you have figured that feat out.

Ever since I started with the CGMS I have kept my pump sites on my thighs and left the CGMS my stomach to destroy. I typically start low on my thigh and move across and up in a zig zag until I reach the top of my thigh then switch to the other leg. I thought this was good enough but apparently not. I am going to stick to the outside of my thighs for a while longer and let the front of my thighs have a break.

I have never tried an infusion set on my arm. I have tried the lower back which was great once and awful the next couple of times I tried. If you have any suggestions please let me know. 


Save the Date!

I’m heading East! Or North East. Well, Minnesota and I should say Minneapolis to be exact and I would love to meet you if you live in the area or are willing to travel there to meet yours truly!

The plan is to hang out with my buddy Scott on the weekend starting April 30th. We plan to have a meet up that Saturday May 1st at a location yet to be decided. I wanted to give you a heads up if you are planning a second honeymoon in Hawaii or something and maybe are looking for a better time. Well almost as good.

Anyhow, I would love to meet you if you can be there.

Meet ups are always great and I am hoping this one will be awesome as well!

So, do you think you can make it?


You Tube Tuesday #156

Cats are awesome.

This cat is amazing and will not even back down to a bear!



This is the Plan

I have an idea.

This was actually inspired by my sister who sent an email to me regarding my “Motivation” post. She was hoping I could join her in a weight loss challenge she heard about but I told her that there is no way I could help. I am in such a state that I would fail trying to motivate anyone. I declined since I knew I would let her down.

She knew if I was in a better place that I would love to help motivate her but right now is not the time for me.

My sister mentioned how a few years ago she gave up “unhealthy habits” during Lent and made God her inspiration since she felt she was letting Him down by not taking care of herself.

I remembered back when I gave up smoking for Lent and how incredibly easy it was for me. Even though I started smoking again on Easter. When I finally decided to quit I looked back on that time and really drew on that motivation to help finally quit once and for all.

Now this is the plan. During Lent, from February 17th until Easter Sunday, April 4th, I will exercise 30 minutes a day (probably using Wii Fit) and eat better.

This may seem like a small feat but for someone who does not exercise at all and who eats whatever he sees, this is huge.

What makes it better is that I am actually excited about this and truly think I can do it.

Drawing on my spirituality and using it as my motivation is a positive way for me to change my life. I like that.

My hope is that come April, I will have created a habit I will want to continue with and hopefully drop some LBS’s in the process!

Let me know what you think and if you want to join me. Even if you are not religious or don’t give up stuff for “Lent.” Your reasons are your own but if a few of us are doing it together then we can help hold each other up if we get down.