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Entries from September 1, 2012 - September 30, 2012



I messed up.

If you copied the URL for the No D Day link list, it was incorrect.

The correct link is:



Grab the banner too! And make sure you share something else about your life, other than diabetes.


Dukan Diet

For just over a month I have been sticking to the Dukan Diet and I want to tell you a little about the benefits I have seen.

First, I know it's not the healthiest way to lose weight. Got it. Weight Watchers has been proven as one of the best methods of weight loss around. Done it. Hated it.

The fact is that I have gained so much weight that something drastic is what I needed. Something with a beginning, middle, and end where I could look at dates, markers, and know if I stick to I will see results.

And I have, almost immediately.

When I first started I was surprised to find a number less than 10 pounds from the last time I stepped on a scale. That was a nice way to start.

To date I have lost 26.3 pounds and I feel great.

What is crazy is what it has done to my bg.

Here is the Dexcom report for August.


As you can see I was all over the place! My average bg was 218!!

And now check out September.



There is always room to improve but my average bg was 136 so far for the month. So crazy!

I would never suggest anyone do this diet since it is strict and you have to be extremely motivated to stick to it! Everyone should find what works for them what ever that may be.

For me, this diet makes sense in my life. One thing I love is the opportunity to try new foods and to cook! I have been playing with spices and different things to enhance the taste of foods and it has opened my eyes up to lots of possibilities.

As an example, cauliflower mashed "potatoes" is an awesome alternative to actual mashed potatoes. I would have never tried that before this diet. I love it.

I'll keep you up to date on what I am doing but figured I should wait at least a month to tell the world. 

Have any of you tried Dukan? Any other diets? I would love to hear and hopefully support one another in our efforts.

For PWD's it's tough enough always hearing what I should and shouldn't eat. When you are dieting it is twice as bad! I would love to hear how you deal with "those" people too. The "Diet Police." 


Monday is No D Day

People with diabetes have a lot more going on besides diabetes. Let's talk about, share, and mention other stuff in our lives instead of that disease that never lets us rest.

I AM IN NO WAY SUGGESTING YOU SHOULD IGNORE YOUR DIABETES! That is not what we are talking about. The idea is to NOT mention it online so when you do interact with your connections online, you will talk about other stuff.

Stuff like hobbies, family, movies you like, new music, the weather, sports, favorite stuff, things that bug you, whatever!

JUST NO DIABETES TALK!!! (unless of course there is an emergency)

If you blog or write about it on Monday, please add it to the No D Day 2012 Link list and grab the swanky new banner to link to it so we can all share OTHER stuff about ourselves!


Our Diabetes Art

Here it is, my Diabetes Art Day contribution.

 Tree of D-Life

I started with an idea that I came up with as I drifted off to sleep Sunday night. I will sit down and check my bg. Whatever the number is I will write it with blood on the canvas. After that, who knows.

And that is what I did. It took a lot of finger pricks and squeezing to get all the blood out but I did it. My mother thought it was barbaric and I said, "diabetes is barbaric. I have to cut myself open and bleed just to live. It's not right." 

As I continued colors started to streak across the canvas with zero direction and suddenly a tree emerged. I wasn't sure I liked it as much as I liked the honesty and sort of twistedness of it. It may not be pretty but diabetes is anything but that. It's grusome, inhumane, barbaric, and gory. The Tree of D-life. Fed by my blood or we both won't survive.

My wife did a pastel drawing she calls Heartbroken. 


It was a quiet time sitting at the table. Our daughter was asleep early due to a chest cold and our son was at school until late. We sat at the table both sort of lost in the art work. My mother sat and tried to draw but just couldn't. She is an amazing artist and I think without any prior thought it was difficult for her. 

I, who knows nothing about what is right or wrong when it comes to art, just started and decided something would eventionally surface. And I guess it did.

Thank you Lee Ann so much. It is such a good feeling when you are finished and see what you created. Not only the art but the emotions and feelings you get looking at it.  I love it!

Be sure and check out all the art on the Diabetes Art Day website.


Diabetes Art Day 2012

Today is the day! 


Lee Ann Thill started Diabetes Art Day three years ago and I have found it to be one of the greatest days of the year. I love expressing myself and my diabetes life through art. Check out some of the pictures me and my family did over the past 2 years.

Tomorrow I will post what we create tonight but please go to the site and see what had already been submitted. And if you haven't done it yet then break out the paper, macaroni, and glitter and get to work!

 Click on the pictures to check out the original post with info on each picture.