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Entries from May 1, 2009 - May 31, 2009


Not By Choice

Last November, I wanted to do something special for World Diabetes Day. All the D-Bloggers out there in the O.C. were set to post something to help raise awareness about the big D.

I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to write a song.

On my drive home from work that day I started thinking about a song. I knew I wanted it to be a journey through some steps in my diabetes life. By the time I got home, I was singing the chorus and had most of the verses worked out in my head.

When I got home, I grabbed my guitar and tried to find the notes that I was singing all the way home. Not an easy task for me. After I did it just came together and I turned on my camera and recorded this.

I had so many positive responses and people asking for a downloadable copy that I decided to try and get it recorded professionally. Something I could be really happy with.

I finally did it. And I think it sounds pretty good.

Click here to open up iTunes right to the page where you can pick this up.

I should tell you that I chose the artwork for a reason. The symbol I used is not a maze, but a labyrinth. A maze you can get lost in but a labyrinth is a single path, a journey. Sure it twists turns and you never seem to know when it ends but as long as you keep moving, you will get to where you need to go. Much like life.

A labyrinth was the only thing that made sense to me in regards to this song.

Having this disease was not my choice but moving on in life and continuing on is my choice. It is our choice.

Also one thing I ask is if you do get it, if you would leave a comment on iTunes.

Kerri interviewed me about the song (which is a way better post then this one) and my home skillet number one Scott Johnson also posted about it (And his is also better then this.)

Please let me know what you think and thank you all for all the love and support I receive.

I love this community so much.



A Bloody Mess

Yesterday was the first time I changed my sensor out on my own. And it was awful.

First, I was nervous. My trainer was so great and she made me feel at ease when I first inserted a sensor last week. Everything went well but it was because she was telling me what to do. I had no help.

I was having trouble getting the sensor into the plunger to insert it, then when I finally shot it down into me, and thankfully it did not hurt at all, I pulled the needle out and blood came pouring out of the site. POURING. I got blood all over my pants, my belt and all over my stomach. It was awful. I thought my wife was going to pass out or call 911 or something. It was gnarly.

I got some tissue and applied pressure to the site. I held it there for what seemed like forever and it was still bleeding. I sat down and watched the end of my newest obsession, Chopped. After that was done I pulled the tissue off and it all seemed to be good. I attached the transmitter to the sensor and as soon as I did, I started bleeding again. I grabbed more tissue and applied more pressure.

Finally it stopped and I grabbed an IV-3000 out of the package to put on and suddenly I went blank.

I turn it over and over again not remembering how I was supposed to put this thing on. My wife saw my confusion and came over to help. She grabbed it out of my hands and took a look at it. “Dude, there are numbers right on here. Pull 1, then 2 and so on.”


I got one on and sure enough, it was totally crooked and not covering the entire transmitter. I had to grab another IV-3000 out and put that on too. At least that one didn’t take as long.

When I finally got it all secure I went to bed and decided to not start the sensor until morning.

This morning I woke up, checked my BG, calibrated my sensor, and started my day.

I will get the hang of this soon enough I am sure and thanks to all of you following me on Twitter.

You guys helped calm me down yesterday.


You Tube Tuesday #121

I know I may have tweeted this clip last week but the fact that I have watched it numerous times and still continue to laugh, makes it a perfect candidate for YTT.



My Week in Ryhme

On Monday I rested from a trip that we took,
Up the Mountains we went and it was off the hook!
We sang and we cried and laughed a lot together,
While the sun shone bright making for perfect weather.

On Tuesday I waited til the afternoon late
Like a kid before Christmas, I just couldn’t wait,
To get trained on my brand spanking new CGM,
Since November Insurance=fail, but now Ninja= WIN!

On Wednesday I spent mostly all of my day,
Holding onto my pump and watching it say,
“you’re high” or “you’re low” or “check your BG”
It trips me out seeing what food does to me.

Thursday was open house and a band show,
From one school to another, watch the Ninja go,
Both kids are so talented and as kind as they can be,
I’m so blessed to have them as most would agree.

Friday is here and the weekend looks well,
Two days of rehearsal, two weeks til Godspell!
But Sunday is special My wife’s going to be
Graduating with a BA in Speech Therapy.

So proud of my children and proud of my wife,
So blessed to have so many blessings in life,
But it would not be me without a little bitching,
This IV-3000 on my sensor is itching!


The CGMS Journey Begins.

So yesterday was the big day! I am connected and am using the Minimed CGM system and so far so good.

My trainer was the same person who trained me on my pump many years ago and she was a great teacher. Still is thankfully so I learned a lot and got some tips too since she is a Type 1 and using the system herself.

The funniest part of the training was when it came to an end and we found that were locked into the company property her family owns which is where we met since it is so close to work. We tried to find a way out but all the doors were locked as were all the driveways. And the barbed wire made for us to have to call and wait for someone to get it. I thought it was funny but she was embarrassed.

So last night I did my calibration when my BG was nice and stable and then had dinner. I watched the graph climb up over time and it was interesting to see the trend of my BG after I eat. If the Lakers were not on I probably would have never taken my eyes off the thing.

Before I went to bed I did another calibration so I would not have to wake up in the middle of the night to do one but guess what, it did not work because my BG was dropping so I got woken up to calibrate again. I checked my BG and I was high. Without thinking I bolused to correct and then realized that I cannot be stable if I am correcting! Duh! So instead of calibrating again. I waited an hour, checked and had come down into range. I still did not want to chance it. I set my alarm for another hour and checked. My BG was just a little lower so I figured it would be a good time to calibrate.

A little later I was woken up by a new alarm. It turns out Master P makes all kinds of cooky sounds. This one said, “Lost Sensor.” So I remembered how to “find” the sensor and took care of that. Apparently having your pump between your feet when the sensor is on your stomach does not work. No biggie. I took care of that and went back to sleep.

When my alarm when off this morning. I checked my BG, calibrated, and took a look at my graph. It was a bummer to see a gap in the graph already but I think if I eat dinner earlier tonight I should be good for bedtime.

There is a large learning curve I know I am just at the beginning of but I am hopeful that I will figure all this stuff out. Not to mention all the awesome emails and comments from you all who are helping your ninja pal out.
And I am ALWAYS open to your ideas and suggestions.