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Entries from June 1, 2008 - June 30, 2008


Getting the Word Out

Saturday night we went to dinner at Panera Bread for a cup of Chicken Noodle soup and half a Turkey Artichoke Panini. Yum.

When I walked in the manager took my order.

Manager: I can help you over here sir.

George: Alright.

M: How are you doing tonight?

G: Pretty good. How are you doing?

M: I am tired. Overworked and Underpayed. (Nice response from a Manager.)

G: Welcome to the working world.

He took my order.

M: So, what does "Ninjabetic" mean? (I was wearing my shirt)
G: Well I am a diabetic...

M: And you're a Ninja?

G: Yeah I am. It takes being a ninja to live sucessfully with Diabetes.

With that he started telling me about this book all about ninjas that I just "had" to read and how awesome all things ninja are. He was an even bigger dork than I am which surprised me.

My wife and I walked over to the soda machine and I told her that he was the first person who had ever asked me what that meant.

She replied, "You are gonna blog about this aren't you?"

Does she know me or what?


Music: Faced

So I went. After all the comments yesterday, which I am so thankful for, "going to Weight Watchers and facing the music" was the winner.

When I walked in I saw that the rude annoying mean lady was behind the scale.

"Where have you been?" She said.

"Oh, I've been here and there."

"Well, I am glad you are here now. We missed you."

She was actually nice. Maybe that one day was a bad day and not the norm. Maybe today was not the norm. Whatever the case I was ready if she said some rude stuff.

RAM LAdy said, "Alright, are you ready to weigh in?"

"Let's see how much damage I have done."

I stepped on the scale. Waited for an "I've got it" from RAM lady. Looked down at my chart and she said in a whisper, "You went up a little."

I looked down expecting that 5 pounds or more. Turns out it was not as bad of a gain.

3.6 lbs.

In my head I thought, "Don't get too comfortable 3.6 cuz you are not welcome."


Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!


Decide My Fate OC!

I stepped on my scale this morning. I have not stepped on this thing in a month. What I have done is consume massive amounts of any food I can get my hands on. I am still exercising but typically after a burger and fries, not a salad.

Anyhow I show a gain of 5 pounds. FIVE POUNDS! I am so angry with myself but not surprised if that makes any sense.

So here is the question. Do I go to Weight Watchers and face the music tomorrow?

My only hesitation is the last time I gained several pounds the lady behind the scale said quite audibly, “Woah! What did you do!”

I almost quit that day. I am not a fan of negative motivation. It does not work for Ninjai. We need positive reinforcement and hugs.

Yes, even Ninjas need hugs.

What are your thoughts? Do I go back tomorrow and weigh in? Do I go back to my WW diet for a week and go back next week to lessen the sting? I am torn!

Seriously, I am leaving it up to you guys.


Turn Around Trip

I got to work this morning and the second I stepped foot into the building, I realized I left my insulin at home.

This morning I needed to change my pump and I made sure I packed up all my supplies and stuff this morning except of course the "nectar of life."

How could I be so dumb? I packed up my lunch this morning, left a little early, got to work on time and then BAM have to turn around and go back home.

I tried calling a local pharmacy but they would not sell me Humalog without a prescription. Now I should tell you, I only live 15 miles away but it takes me 40 minutes to get here. Traffic makes for a fun drive each day.

Now I had to drive home in traffic and come back in it again. And then go home in it later! I need a helicopter.

I know I should change my pump at home but I sleep for as many minutes as possible and I never have time in the morning before I leave. Doing it at work is good for me but only when I do not forget.

A gal here said to me as I got back from the insulin run, "I'll bet you'll never forget that again!"

I said, "I still have not achieved perfection so there is a good chance I will."


The Sunflower

My friends are a part of my family. I have always felt this way. My family knows and treats my friends as family too. My family treats their friends as family. It is just the Simmons way and I am so thankful for that. I am thankful that my wonderful Grandparents started a family with that kind of love in it. And I am thankful that my parents brought us up that way.

This post is about two very important, special, amazing friends in my life.

Morgan and Lisa are both friends we have met from church and quickly have become family to us. We have known them both for several years and have seen both of them evolve from bright high school kids into some of the best people I have ever known. This week both of them have embarked on a journey they would have never thought they would be on.

Lisa and Morgan are going to work at an orphanage named “The Sunflower” or “El Girasol” in Peru for 2 months this summer as interns. The orphanage is located outside of Cuzco, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, just down the mountain from Machu Piccu and it looks amazing.

This trip is not affiliated with our church, or any church for that matter but rather a humanitarian program that runs this particular orphanage.

Lisa will be using her skills a Social Worker to help the kids, and Morgan will use her teaching skills to analyze the current curriculum as well as teach English to the kids. The best future these kids have is within the tourist industry so learning English would be a big advantage.

There could not be a better team.

Morgan speaks Spanish and has gone on several mission trips to Peru in the past. I had the pleasure of attending one of these trips and I will tell you, Peru is an amazing country. She is very familiar with the Peruvian culture and knows her way around both Lima and Cuzco. She is great with kids and adults alike and you just can’t help but love her.

Lisa worked as an intern last year at a hospital in Ghana which is in West Africa. She has dealt with language barriers, foreign currency, and respecting culture unknown to her. She can adapt well and has a personality that destroys any walls that people can put up. Lisa radiates love and acceptance.

I would love it if you checked out their blogs. They will have internet access and will update while they can. You can even say hello. They both know all about all of you, I tell my family everything, so they will not be surprised to see you if you decided to leave them a comment.

If not, just send them some good energy, happy thoughts, and/or prayers. They are getting “ninja” ones all the time!