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Entries from July 1, 2012 - July 31, 2012


Two Minute Post

In an effort to save time and not ramble so much I am going to start writing Two Minute Posts which will be identified with a TMP at the end of the title.

Why? Well, you all are busy and there are a lot of blogs to read. I still like to write and I still hope you will read but sometimes you just want to hop in, read something quick, and move on. I totally get that. 


So if you see a Ninjabetic TMP (#dblog #tmp) post know that clicking it will not be a major time commitment. Just a couple a minutes to read. Heck maybe even less!


Where The Rain Goes

There was a sermon in church, a speaker who moved me, or a magnet somewhere that said, "rain flows down to the valley first."

Valleys and Mountain tops. That is my life all the time. It seems that things are either on their way up the mountain. Happy, excited, motivated and ready to take on the world or I am decending into a dark valley with no hope for anything.

Are most people on plains? Do they ride along for a while enjoying a smooth ride with a slight hill and dip here and there? If I ever think I am on a plain I am always mistaken and it turns out I am on a plateau. A scary high one at that which mean a drop into a desert before I hit a mountain again.

Where am I now? I have hardly been involved in the OC at all. My job has taken over so much of my life. Diabetes has not been a major issue thankfully. My fasting bg's have been pretty great and come to think about it all day long I have been kicking some major T1 ass.

So why the mood? Why do I feel so stale? I have always believed if we do not grow, we decline. I am hardly growing. Maybe around my middle section but my heart has declined, my feeling of worth is in the dumps, and my overall outlook is gloomy.

Reverting back to lurking status in the DOC has been my only connection to everyone. I will read posts from friends and find new blogs but just dont feel like commenting at all. Like what can I say? Someone else will be there for them way better than I can. How dare I give them the false idea that I have my shit together?

But wasn't that the point? Isn't that why I wanted to do this? Because my shit was not together and I needed to get that out? To see those words and hopefully start healing by letting them out?

Back in my geek(ier) days whenever my computer started to act weird and not work right I would reformat, reinstall, and restart everything all over again. Is that what I need? A new look? A new name? A new focus? What?

A good friend who may be reading this suggested I talk to someone about depression. But I never did. There are a lot of things I should talk to my doctor or some specialist about that I don't. Where do I start? Stress? Depression? Weight gain? Chest Pain? Nerve damage? Shortness of breath?

The post started somewhere and ended no where I and yet it feels such a perfect representation of me, at this moment. Everywhere and nowhere at the same time. 

Dry, stale, and thirsty. In need of some rain.  


All That And A Bag of Tortilla Chips

Tonight is Salsa class and I have to be honest, I love it!

Last week I had to make up for missing 2 weeks in a row. Surely I was going to be a mild watery tomato paste like shuffler but NO! 

HA HA! NO! ( with an Inigo Montoya accent)

I was some mucho caliente salsa fresca con sabor Y zapatos. (I don't know a lot of Spanish so I added what I could)

Anyhow I am sad to say that this is the second to last week but I am pretty sure we are going to sign up for more classes after this. 

One hour a week of learning how to do different dances and getting to spend time with my wife is pretty awesome. Between all the work I have and the Masters degree she is working on we don't have much time to spend together. 

A friend of ours from High School posted this picture of us from our very first dance in 1989. Who would have thought that those two kids who only knew the Cabbage Patch, Robocop, Freak, Wop, Smurf, and the Troop would be taking a Salsa dance class as a married couple with two kids. Strike that, one kid and one adult son. 

Wow, that is a cool paragraph for so many reasons.

Anyhow, as soon as I get my ruffle sleeves and a purple can of Aqua Net for my wife's hair I will get some video up here. 

Until then, here is a clip of how much I like to dance. From the Archives for those of you who have been reading this blog for a while. Enjoy.

The inspiring video



This weekend was the first time this year that yours truly ventured off into our swimming pool.

My kids, wife, mom, friends, family, and even our dog had gotten in earlier this year but for me, the diabetic, it's about the numbers. 

Maybe being a slave to numbers all day long is what bothered me about getting into a swimming pool without an actual temperature. You see our pool thermometer broke and we had yet to get one. "It's nice you should get in," is not enough for me. I need to see 76° or higher on a thermometer before I will swan dive into the deep end.

We finally picked up a pool thermometer and with a reading of 78° I was ready to get in.

One thing I worry about constantly are my feet. Especially any time I am going to be barefoot which is very rare. I have neuropathy in my feet and it's to the point where I cannot trust what I am feeling. Sometimes I will feel a pain like i've stepped on something and nothing is there and other times I can step on things and not feel anything at all. Scary stuff.

Swimming was actually a good gadge for how far along my neuropathy is. 

Last summer was the first time I became aware of just how bad my neuropathy had become and it discovered in the swimming pool. You see, with the water surrounding your feet and the resistance of it, you can really tell where you have more feeling in your foot and where it is lacking. Just a couple of kicks in the water and you can feel it. And it was scary.

This weekend however was hopeful. It felt like I could feel more of my foot than before when I was swimming. I'm not sure if it was a fluke or if this new pill I am taking is working. More on that later since I want to make sure I have been on it long enough to know if it's doing it's thing or not but something has changed.

It looks like this weekend is going to be in the triple digits so hopefully I will be in the pool again soon. 

This time I hope the resistance shows a little more feeling coming back.