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Entries from May 1, 2011 - May 31, 2011


You Tube Tuesday #224

This video is almost 10 minutes long but worth every second of your time. So. Awesome!

Now, I must get to Grand Rapids.



I Love My Doctor

It's a holiday I try to remember but not think about too much, so I just hopped on the computer to check my email when I see a message from my doctor.

"Hi George: How is your eye doing? I assume that if you CAN READ THIS you must be doing better. If not, let me know."

Seriously, I love my doctor! 

Have a great memorial day.




Cry Less But Still Hurt

On Monday I spent my evening up at my buddies studio working on some music with him. I am playing drums for his band at a few upcoming gigs so we have been praciting a lot.

When I got home I walked straight into my office for a quick email check before I sat down to eat. 

That was when I saw it. A friend request and a message that totally threw me.

"Little Georgie is that you? We had a lot of fun on those camping trips. I can still hear your dad's laugh and his stories!" - Steve.

Whoa. Steve! STEVE! My dad's old partner. I couldn't believe it was him! I haven't seen Steve since my dad's memorial service after he died and I missed him terribly. 

Steve was one of my dad's closest friends. He was deputy sherriff like my dad and was his partner for a long stretch of time. Steve and his family would go on camping trips with us to the mountains, the dessert, and Mexico. I have so many memories of my dad with Steve.

After I confirmed our friendship I wrote him a letter letting him know how happy I was to hear from him. I was sobbing. Sobbing like the day I was told that my dad had a heart attack and died. It hurt just the same. The wound was reopened. 

I wanted to talk to my big sister Anna. I knew she would understand. We talked, we cried, and we remembered. It was tough but it was good. It felt good.

This year will be 20 years since my dad died. Still the pain aches the way it did two decades ago although the tears don't come as often they sting just the same.

When I talk to my friends and family with whom I have memories of my dad, it is as if he comes back to life as we share those memories together. Alone I can think about him but when I talk with someone who remembers him, he lives. 

That night I saw that my little sister posted some pictures of my dad that she got from our stepmom by total coincidence. Although, I think everything happens for a reason.


I miss him so much. Every day I think about him and every day I miss him more. His only demand from me my entire life was to make him proud. I hope I am doing okay. 


Double Whammy

My plans of a D-Meet Up were ruined yesterday because of this...



This totally sucks. It itches, burns, and is just gross. I hate it!

What sucks even more is that I was supposed to go to a D-Meetup to see my friend Tim who is in town. I am really bummed that I will have to wait until the next time our pathes cross and I am not infected with grossness.

Double pink eye sucks but you know what would be awesome???


Double Rainbow Eyes!


photobooth + paintbrush = <3



You Tube Tuesday #223

This one is a perfect clip for me. Being a Star Wars fan and a band dork makes this clip awesome. 

Although I am not too sure about the salsa part.