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Entries from June 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010


You Tube Tuesday #177

I thought this video was pretty cool although kind of long. Still I dig all this cool new stuff although something tells me I am not going to be able to afford any of it.

Plus most of the stuff I see is neat but doesn't look comfy.

Anyhow, enjoy!


Is There Ever A Time?

It’s been almost 2 weeks and I already have another appointment with my Endo. This time is a quick follow up and then a refresher carb counting class.

As much as I think it might be a lot of review I am still looking forward to it. The way I see it is this, the only carb counting class I have ever had was with Medtronic which was in a hotel room one day before the pump introduction class. It was good but I remember being more excited by learning about the pump than I was to learn about carbs.

So now I see this new endo and he wants me back every two weeks until my numbers start to look a little more dialed in and he wants me to take this class. Already he is doing much more than any other endo I have ever seen has done so I figure I will just do it.

In a lot of ways I still feel like I have so much to learn. Here I am coming up on 20 years of a having this and I feel like such an infant. I know it is because of the many years of neglect and denial but you would think I would feel like I have some control. Some upper hand, but I don’t.

Maybe you can tell me. After years of paying attention and trying to get it right, do you feel more in control or like you know it all? There are some areas that I feel confident but most I am insecure. Maybe that is just the way it is with diabetes.

Maybe no one gets to feel completely done learning about it.


Best Father's Day!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that my Father’s day was quite hectic. We woke to major plumbing problems that took up most of the day. In the end a professional was called in to take care of the issue and all was well in the Simmons household.

What I did not tell anyone about was my Fathers Day gift. And the reason was it was not ready until yesterday so now I can share.

On Saturday my wife and kids took me to a special store to pick out which gift I wanted. After looking around and testing some out I found the right one. Now this kind of thing you cannot just take home especially on that day so I had to wait until yesterday to pick it up.

Wanna see the Father’s Day present ever?











Scroll Down!












Keep Scrolling.











This is so awesome.











I love doing this to you.











Meet Casey James Simmons. The newest member of the Simmons household and a giant chunk of my heart! We picked him out on Saturday at the animal shelter. I promise to have more pictures soon and maybe some of my own silly kitten videos for You Tube Tuesdays but for now, here are a few pics of him lying on my daughter (whom he is fond of) and finally falling asleep on her. So cute!



(If you comment about this on Twitter please don’t spoil the surprise.:))


You Tube Tuesday #176

It's been a while since I have posted a  cat video so I figured this week was a good time to revisit a furry little friend.

This one is a short clip but cracked me up. So flippin' cute!



Plans Changed

As usual when I saw my Endo on Monday he sent me home with lab work to get done. The local lab I like to go to get packed quickly and if you don’t have an appointment it takes forever to get your blood drawn. So the first thing I did when I got to work on Monday was to make that appointment.

The lab opens at 6:00AM so there is plenty of time to stop off on my way to work and still make it in early enough to open up shop. I set an appointment for Friday (today) morning at 7:00AM.

Last night I made sure after dinner I only drank water and did not eat a thing. Fasting can be torture to a soda drinker like me but I was a good boy.

I went to bed early to make sure I did not sleep past too many alarms and would miss my appointment.

At about 2:00AM I wake up to my CGM blaring. I turned on my light and checked my pump. It was a low alarm. I sat up and as soon as I did it hit me. The room was spinning and my head felt like I had a bowling ball strapped to the top of it. Quickly I laid back down to avoid falling over and I tried my best to stop my head from spinning when I heard my wife ask if was low. I mumbled something back to her and she hopped up and grabbed me a juice box.

I am not sure how low I really was at the time but my CGM said 64 and I felt really bad. Its funny how sometimes the 60’s can feel like nothing and other times it feels like I am in the 40’s.

Anyhow, the point of this story is that I was not able to get my lab work done since now I was not fasting.

Diabetes loves to get in the way and screw up plans. I am so upset since now I have to wait until Monday to get the labs done and I am going to have to walk in and sit there.

Oh well, it is just another day in D paradise I guess.

Has this ever happened to you?