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Wii Will Be Fit!

I am going to get fit.

Last Wednesday I was in line at a 24 hour Wal-Mart and bought the very last Wii Fit in their store. And since I got it, I have not been able to stop working out on this thing.

It looks like a silly little toy but it packs a punch.

The Yoga poses are awesome and makes my ninja skills seem so worthless.

Then the strength training is very challenging. The push ups, lunges, leg extensions, and jack knives are such a good workout.

Then I can jog around a little island and watch all the Mii’s on my Wii wave and cheer me on.

My whole family is digging it as are some of my friends. Maybe adding this to my daily routine will help me lose the weight I gained in the month I have been blog free and Weight Watchers free.

Have any of you check it out? I would love to know if anyone in the OC is Wii Fitting!

Anyhow, I had a great weekend and I am ready to get my act together. I appreciate all the kind words and support from you all.

The Ninja is back!


My Take on Both Sides of the Weight Watchers Program

Maniacally Monday asked me a question via her comment on Saturday’s Weight Watchers Update post. She asked,

“Can you talk about the difference between points and core? I've tried to read the WW literature about it, but I'd love to hear (read) the differences from someone who has used both.”

Here is a quick description of both plans and keep in mind that there are some minor things like activity points and extra points that I am not going to mention here.

FLEX – According to your weight, height, age, gender, and activity level you are assigned an amount of points that you can have each day. All food items are assigned a point value or you can figure out a point value with a simple sliding scale you get when you join. As you lose weight you lose points. Eat all of your points each day and you will lose weight.

CORE – You have a list of items you can eat. It is very specific. You do not calculate points at all. You eat only those items and stop when you are satisfied. As long as you do that, you will lose weight.

Here is my take on why each one is good. I am not sure how others think about the plans but here are my feelings on them.

POINTS – This plan is great because you can eat anything you want! As long as you keep track of your points for the day and how many you have left then you can each anything you like as long as you have enough points to eat it. If not, save up your points throughout the day and have what you want tomorrow. It’s great because you can plan you stuff and never feel like you are missing out on stuff you love!

CORE – This plan is great because you don’t really have to think about anything after you go shopping. You have your listed of Core foods and you eat them. It spells it all out for you and teaches you not only which foods are the healthiest BUT it forces you to listen to your body and react when it is satisfied and not when you are full. Hunger pangs are not an issue with Core. There is always something healthy to eat.

Here are my negative thoughts on both.

POINTS – Having to keep a journal of everything you eat can be annoying. You have to stop and write down everything you consume and you do that after you calculate the points value and it get frustrating. There are times you do not have the box or nutritional values for an item and so you guess but you are always worried if you chose wisely. Also, it is hard to have a 1/32 piece of cake because all I have is 2 points left after the birthday meal I just had.

CORE – It is difficult to eat anywhere other then home. You do not get much variety nor do you get to eat ANY cake at all! It is restricted and takes a lot of will power. If we knew how to listen to our bodies and ate when we were satisfied, would we need Weight Watchers?

As a Ninjabetic, let me give you my feelings, both good and bad, on both.

POINTS – This plan got me to lose 40 pounds. It works and it does not feel like a diet the way other diets do. It really forces you to learn portion control. The biggest problem is that you have more to calculate. As a diabetic I have enough to worry and think about. This is adding more numbers to my day and frankly can be very overwhelming. Also, the carb count of foods does not always go along with the Points. In fact, carbs are not even a part of the equation when you calculate Points. I experience lots of highs.

CORE – I feel so free! I am a creature of habit so lots a variety is nothing I need. I like knowing, this I can eat and this I can’t. I don’t have anything more to calculate which is also freeing. My diabetes requires so much management and I love not having to think much more then just listening to my body. But, it is difficult going out to dinner and finding something on the menu that is not just a bed of lettuce. It feels a lot more like a diet then the Flex plan but it also feels like a bigger step. Like I care more and am willing to make the sacrifice. That is a good feeling.

Well, that is my long winded (however that would be in typing terms) response and take on the whole weight watchers thing. PLEASE let me know if you have any other questions about it because I would love to talk more about it.


Wait and Weight

I called first thing this morning and had to leave a message for my blood work results. It has been 6 months since my last blood work which is completely my fault. I did not make the time and then the time got away from me.

So I am waiting for a call back wondering what that number will be. The last time it was 7.6. I honestly do not think it will be better. My guess is quite the opposite.

Since I started Weight Watchers I have noticed an increase in my BG’s since points and carbs do not always jive according to amount. My focus has been on losing weight so my carb intake has been a little overboard. I wrote a post about it on dLife and received a ton of comments.

My conclusion is to try the Core Plan for a while and see how I do. My attitude and outlook on life has been pretty shitty these days and maybe this will provide the change I need to snap me out of it.

Who knows?

I hate feeling like this.


Weekend Weeview

George is off to DC. His flight was scheduled to leave at around 10:30pm Friday but ended up leaving LAX at 1:25am! He called us Saturday morning to let us know he got there and was ready to go.

“Did you sleep like we suggested or was it a ‘slumber party in the skies?’”

“I watched the ‘what to do in the event of an emergency’ video and then I was out! I slept really good and am ready to go!”

Jasmine and I were worried about that but the kid will sleep standing up if he has too so all should be good. We have not heard from him since which tells me he is having a good time. They only call when things are not so good I have found.

Saturday morn I left Weight Watchers with an enlightened sense of myself. I realized that I am in a destructive place. I spent a lot of the week shoveling “Robin’s Egg’s” into my mouth and eating any pastry that was brought into my office. The last two weeks have gained and have not cared much. This week was only a 0.4lb gain so I did not gain a bunch BUT I recognized that I chose to gain. I honestly did and I will explore the reason why later on. I do not have the energy this morning.

Saturday afternoon we attended the wedding of two very good friends of ours. Joel is the guitar player in the band I am in and he was married to his long time girlfriend Shelly who is amazing! They are a great couple and we are excited to see what their future holds.

Yesterday was a total chill out day. Since the wedding was out of town, I was able to sleep in which was needed.

I was very edgy all weekend and frankly still am. I am sure this goes along with the Self Sabotaging of my weight loss and general health lately but again, I do not have the energy to figure that out just yet.

Not sure if I want to really.


Weight Watchers Update

Gain - 1.0 lbs.
Total loss - 40 lbs.

Not bad for a week with 2 parties. On to next week.