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Entries from April 1, 2006 - April 30, 2006


My First Endo Appointment

After passing the building and flipping a U-turn I pulled into a Hospital Parking lot that was packed. I found a spot in the neighboring county and made my way over the 7 story building. With my log in hand and my heart racing, I jumped in the first available lift and pressed the lucky number for a quick ride to the top floor.

When I entered room 702 I was excited to see a big poster about Insulin Pumping classes being offered by Medtronic, A bunch of leaflets and handouts about diabetes care in several languages and a vast array of diabetes health magazine sprawled out on the coffee table. I signed in and was quickly handed a clipboard full of forms I had to fill out. I always hate the fact that I have several “yes” answers on past medical issues. And the medical history section is also depressing. Having to list my father as deceased from a heart attack at age 43 always brings me down a little. But at least marking my children as both being in excellent health brightens me up a bit.

After paying my co-payment I get called almost immediately. The nurse was very nice and upbeat. She mistakenly set the large weight on the scale at 150. I could have leaned over and given her a kiss for that. I told her, “you gotta keep moving that one over” which produced a giggle and a wink from her. I felt my heart rate slow down a little. I like this place.

I sat in a room covered with many posters about diabetes complications. It would make even the most lax diabetic get there act together. Pictures of foot problems, retinopathy, neuropathy, and so many more that I just closed my eyes and said to myself, “That will not be me. That is why I am here.” I kept my eye on the Medtronic poster explaining the benefits of pumping. If this Endocrinologist says that I cannot get on a pump then I am out of here.

The doctor walked in with a smile and an outstretched arm awaiting a hand shake. He introduced himself and asked how I was doing. I told him that I was a Born Again Diabetic (chuckle) and that I was ready to get my act together, lower my A1C, and get on a pump. He agreed that I looked to be on the right track and that a pump would be extremely beneficial for me. SCORE!

He signed me and my wife up for a carb counting class and an introduction to pumping class at a local hotel on May 3rd. I will be sure and post what that is like. Both of these classes are put on my Medtronic. Boy, they must have some good sales people. They are everywhere! I have some lab work I have to get done. He changed my sliding scale of insulin and my dosage of Lantus at night. He also wants me to check my BG a few more times a day. These are all things I assumed would happen and I am very excited about it. He said that I seemed to be very focused and determined. My primary care physician told him that I went from an A1C of 12.5 to 10 in one month. That, he said, shows that I am getting into better control and moving in the right direction.

On a side note, the beginning of this rebirth truly started when I found out my A1C was so high. I have never posted it before because I was so embarrassed. But I figure that dropping 1.5 points in a month was a sign of doing something right and that I should celebrate that.

I have another appointment with him on the 17th of May to take another step in the “pump” direction. I can’t wait.


A New Situation

I do not know everything. I have never been one of those people that have a problem saying that. I do have difficulties dealing with those people that think they do. It is hard for me to “break their hearts” when they are so sure of themselves. I am also so weak in these situations that I will begin to question my own education and wonder if I am incorrect in my thinking.

With that, here is the story.

I was in Chicago on business the end of last week and I met a gentleman who is on a pump. As soon as I found out I started asking him a million questions since I have my appointment with an Endo this Wednesday to hopefully get on a pump too. He told me that I should not hesitate. The pump is the best thing he has ever done to help him feel more normal and be in the best control he has ever had.

We shared our diagnosis stories and they were quite similar. I was diagnosed at 17 and he was 21. Both of us were not feeling right for several years before our doctors figured it out. It was so nice meeting someone who understands my situation and on top of that, he was very open to tell me all about his ups and downs over the years.

He told me that I was not a type 1, I have to be a type 2. I wanted him to explain this to me. He told me that all type 1’s are born with it and their islet cells are non existent. I told him that I was told that Type 1 is your body committing suicide on it’s own pancreas. He disagreed and said that all type 1’s never have insulin in their bodies. He said that Type 2’s have a pancreas that only works at “around 50%” and then it just stops which is why they can take pills for a while but will end up on Insulin eventually.


I was sure that I was a Type 1. A doctor years ago did a blood test to make sure and she said “you are definitely a type 1.” So what was he talking about? I thought type 2 diabetes had to do with the body not utilizing the insulin they produced and that is why some type 2’s can control their diabetes with diet and exercise.

I had no idea how to respond. I was 100% sure he was incorrect but then my percentage started to fluctuate to a 96% sureness. But he was so sure about it and quick to tell me about all of the research and education he has had. He also made me feel bad for not knowing this information. As if, I was a horrible diabetic who didn’t care about my disease. It was very awkward and I immediately changed the subject and never talked about my diabetes with him again.

What a downer. I was really excited to meet somebody who was also a Type 1. Have any of you had a situation like this before? Am I correct in my understanding of 1’s and 2’s? How should I handle someone like this in the future?


Out of Town

I am heading off to Chicago tomorrow for training with one of the companies we work with. I have been told that they are partying people so I will have to retrain myself. I have already stocked up on extra strips, syringes, insulin, snacks, and Glucose Tabs. It's only for two days but you never know!

Anyhow, I will post again on Saturday. Have a good rest of the week all.


Happy Easter

I hope you all have a great Easter!

I included a picture of how the people in my office eat goodies. Apparently cutting them up into bite size pieces makes the calories magically disappear! The question is, how many pieces did they eat? LOL

FYI - I took this with my camera phone. Not to shabby!


I Finally Watched It!

I love my DVR. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a Digital Video Recorder. Like TiVo but I am not that cool. We have digital cable at home and they offer a cable box with a DVR which pretty much does most of the things a TiVo does it just doesn’t have the cool hip name!

Well, last night I was scrolling through the shows I had recorded to see if I had missed anything cool since I had some time to kill before din din. I noticed that there was an episode of dLife listed from Sunday afternoon.

dLife is a show on CNBC each Sunday at 7PM Eastern time which is why I had never seen it since that is 4PM Pacific. We are usually running around on Sunday afternoon or attending some function of some sort. This weeks show was an all athletes special. Kendall Simmons (NFL & Type 2), Jason Johnson (MLB & Type 1) and Missy Foy (Olympic Marathon Runner & Type 1) all shared the way they have not let diabetes get in the way of their dreams and how they manage their disease daily and when they are participating in their sport.

A funny thing happened when I started watching the show. Right before the first commercial break, all 4 of the hosts and several audience members whipped out there machines and tested their blood sugar. At first I got very uncomfortable. I started laughing because it was so foreign to me. I am the only Type 1 I know so to see all these people start testing all at the same time, all in the same room, just freaked me out!

Then at the commercial break I saw a commercial for Lantus Insulin, a blood sugar machine, and other diabeticy goodness. It was so bizarre to me.

When they came back from the break was when they did a piece on each of the athletes and I found it very interesting and inspiring. I was starting to accept the fact that this is not so weird at all, it is actually quite cool! A show completely about Diabetes! That is awesome!

Then another weird moment occurred. They panned to the studio audience again and this time I saw a bunch of little kids sitting there, totally excited to see Kendal Simmons. They looked so star struck and were smiling from ear to ear. He talked about how he hopes he is an inspiration to kids with diabetes. And when I thought about all of those little kids with all of their dreams and how they have to struggle with all of the same stuff that I have to, I started to cry.

It was those half happy half sad tears that sting so bad. You are so touched by their enthusiasm and strength for even coming out to this taping and testing their blood right on camera but then you are so hurt to know that they have a disease that will be with them their entire lives.

Both my daughter and son were asking me about diabetes the other night in great depth. It was such a nice conversation and a great opportunity to teach them. But I could tell that both of them are scared or assume that they may get it one day. I told that they will be well prepared if it ever did happen since they live in a diabetic friendly house but not to dwell on it. If that is in the cards for them then we will cross that bridge together when we get to it.

They were both okay with that and understood that they already have a head start if or when they get the big D.

Again the half and half tears were produced, and stung.