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Entries from March 1, 2012 - March 31, 2012


Taking The Tour

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That is the rule right? Well it didn’t work out for me that way.

It was last summer at the AADE convention that I attended when I decided to do something so out of the box for me that I almost regret going. Almost.

Hanging out with my brother Scott and the crew from Diabetes Care Club, who graciously invited me to attend, made for a good time. One day Scott and I were walking around the exhibit hall when we ran into Mari Ruddy.

“George, you have to meet Mari,” Scott says in a way that you can tell he really means it.

Mari instantly talked to me like we were old friends (I love that about the OC) and told me about the ADA Tour de Cure Red Rider program and why she founded it.

This moment probably only lasted a few minutes but it ended with both Mari and I tearing up and saying goodbye with a hug.

It was awesome.

That moment I decided that I was going to sign up for the Tour de Cure. So I did.

And now I have to do it.

Am I scared? YES!

Am I worried? YES!

Do I think I can do it? YES!


Because I know that all of you guys will be behind me. I am not doing this ride for anyone but myself. To prove to myself that I can do things I never thought possible.

Now, I signed up for the 32 mile ride which to some may seem like not a big deal but to those of you who just thought, “whoa 32 miles!” you get what I am feeling. I have NEVER done ANYTHING like this before. But I am excited. Scared and excited.

I bought this sweet bike that I have been riding to get ready for the Tour. My son and two of my very best friends are going to be riding with me as Team Ninjabetic.

So know the uncomfortable part.

If it is at all possible that you could donate even the smallest amount to my ride I would GREATLY appreciate it.

I set an ambitious goal but I figure the goal to ride is a big deal so I should also decide on a dollar amount that matches it.

Last time I did a fundraiser it was folded into a big party, a giant rocking team, and a weekend I will never ever forget.

This time it’s about me proving to myself that I am not a fat, pathetic loser. This time it’s about finding the ability and courage to do something I never ever saw myself doing.

I know I can do this and with your support I bet next year I can even double my distance.


The Dexcom Strikes Back!

So, besides becoming a year older on Friday, I also received a brand spanking new Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring system.

Why the new system dude? You have already had a Dexcom for quite some time right?

Correct! But when the warranty ended and my Dexcom rep called me up to let me know, we also discovered that my insurance would cover a new one! YAY!

Well, not so fast. That was back in January I got that call.

The problem was that our insurance changed at work which meant I had to prove I was worthy enough to have a CMGS. Well, Doctor Awesome filled out the forms and insurance was like, “as if?”

So he sent a more convincing letter and they finally got it done! Woot!

On a side note, two other drugs he is still fighting for but gave me samples to last a few weeks until he puts the smack down!

Anyhow, having a receiver is nice. The screen is so clear and scratch free and after being without sensors for over a month, I realize how much I need it and how much my fingers miss it too! I test less with the Dex.

So it may have not been an actually birthday gift but I was happy to open the box up on Friday and have a sensor on even before I went to bed.

But I must say, probably one of the coolest gifts I got (pun intended) was this...


It’s a USB powered mini fridge with my current favorite sodapop. w00t!


Last Night


Last night I had a rough go trying to bring down my BG. 

At 12:15AM this morning I woke up feeling really weird. All of my muscles ached. Legs, arms, back, and even my neck which was weird. I went to the bathroom and checked my BG, it was HIGH (+600).
I bolused 20 units thinking that would get me down 400 points so then I could see where I was since I do not have my Dexcom yet. It should be here today ironically. I drank a few glasses of water too and got back into bed.
60 minutes later I checked my BG and it was still HIGH. I got nervous and decided to just take a shot of insulin. I took 30 units. I know that is crazy but I was scared. Drank more water.
1:45 - High
2:15 - High
2:45 - grabbed a different meter and was still High.
3:15 - High. I grabbed a syringe and took 22 units.
4:00 - BG was 587.
At around 5:45 I woke to leg cramps. My left leg was cramping badly. My ankle, calf, and thigh all cramped at the same time. I stood up but could not walk at all. Any move I made caused more cramping. It was awful.
I drank some Diet Tonic Water, which someone told me helps with cramping. As soon as the cramping stopped I checked my BG and I was 319.
6:30 - 277
8:00 - 156
I kept thinking about the picture I made for Diabetes Art Day a couple of years ago since our light was on all night. If I ever see a house with a light on late at night I wonder if it's a PWD up dealing with this kind of BS.
That was one of the worst nights I have ever had in my 21 years of having diabetes. And my poor wife was up the entire time with me. 
The weird things was no ketones were shown when I checked. I bet my strips are old are something. To be that high for that long, ugh, it freaks me out to think what damage was done. And also how high I was.

Sixty Three

Today would have been my fathers 63rd birthday. He died when he was 42 and I still have not gotten over it.

Some years I realize that his birthday has passed and I wonder what distracted me. Sometimes I feel guilty when I get caught up in my life and forget about his.

Then I realize that not living my life would be the biggest insult to someone who raised me to enjoy it and who cannot be here to share it with me now. How dare I not live it? How dare I live in the past?

Other days I see a kid playing basketball with his dad or even worse, his grandpa and that is when it hits me hardest. My kids would have had the best time with my dad. 

George's music and passion for life would have sparked stories of the music my father loved. Heck my son loves a lot of the music my father did. I can see him hugging him and kissing him goodbye and it just tears my heart apart.

And Gillian is my father in so many ways. Her sense of humor and impeccable wit would have had him in stitches. I bet the two of them would be cracking jokes and laughing all the time. 

I cannot even bring myself to talk about my sisters and their families that I know dad sees and loves but oh how I wish he could be here to see them, hold them, and love them.

Well this morning feels like the first birthday after he died. I miss him terribly. Maybe because I am getting older? Maybe it's because I need his strength and support right now when I am feeling extremely overwhelmed and weak? I am not sure. 


For those of you with parents here, love them up all you can. For those of you with one parent still here, enjoy every minute you can. For those of you whose parents are no longer living, cherish all the good times and memories. 

Life is incredibly short and what matters most is often the thing we take for granted. 

Love. Remember. Forgive. Cherish. Cry. Laugh. Heal.

Happy Birthday Dad.



The Best Time

Yesterday I saw this tweet come through.




Of course I had to respond.





And that link in my tweet was to this picture.





To which I recived this tweet reply.






Pretty cool huh? Probably third in my list of awesome @replies.