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Entries from October 1, 2006 - October 31, 2006


Bee Maggots were Not on the Menu

We met at the International House of Pancakes at 8:30 Saturday morning. I had seen M at church before but had never really talked to him. My kids had told me that he was cool because he helped out at Vacation Bible School over the summer and he was a lot of fun.

When I shook his hand I noticed black and orange rubber bands on his braces and I knew in an instant that this was the beginning of a good friendship. That is totally something I would have done.

With sat down with Sean, the youth pastor at church and also one of my very good friends, and started the getting to know you chit chat. We shared diagnosis stories and he was laughing at me (as most people do) about my “maybe I had a large dinner” statement.

Anyhow, he was laughing at the fact that he also was thirsty all the time. In fact, Sean mentioned how he was in the bathroom every 10 minutes last Sunday night at youth group. It was great seeing him laughing about it all and thinking it was funny because he didn’t know what was wrong at the time.

He wanted to know if was going to be able to enjoy the foods and things in life that used to before the D and I told him that he just needs to make sure he manages it correctly but there is no reason he should feel he is missing out on anything.

The waiter stopped by and asked if we were ready to order and of course, with all the gabbing I was doing we were not. We asked him to come back to the table in a few and we opened up our menus. M looked at me and said, “what should I have?” He had told me that with his breakfast dose of insulin, he was to have 105 carbs. He is a very thin kid and is very active. I was a bit jealous but I did not tell him that!

I told him, “Why don’t you pick what you want and we will see if we need to order it differently or minus some carbs if we must. What do you want dude?”

“I haven’t had pigs in a blanket since I was like in single digits,” he said which cracked me up.

I opened up my Calorie King book and figured out the carbs for the breakfast he wanted. We decided to add an order of toast to finish off his required carb intake and then ordered. He took out his syringe and asked if one of us could help him take his shot. The pharmacy gave him 1/2” syringes so he could not take it in his stomach or leg. He has hardly any fat there (jealous again). So he asked if one of us could give it to him in his arm. I told Sean, “Dude, you do it!” I wish I would have had a camera. His face was a white as a ghost. I let him off the hook of course and M and I went into the bathroom (his request) and I gave him his shot.

When we got back to the table he wanted to look through the Carb book I had. He really liked it but his favorite part was looking up food that he would probably never eat.

“Dude, we can eat all the ants and hog ears we want! Opossum and Canned Bee Maggots are also no carbs. SWEET!” Did I mention how cool this kid is?

All and all it was a very good experience. He seemed to have a very good attitude.

Last night I ran into his parents at a Halloween Event at our church called “Trunk or Treat.” All of the parents decorate their car trunks and the kids come around and trick or treat in the parking lot. Always a lot of fun.

Anyhow, his parents were so thankful and kind. I assured them that it was my pleasure and that I would love to be there for them too. My wife came over and introduced herself and also offered her help and ear if Mom or Dad ever has a question or needs to vent. (my wife is so great like that) I saw both of them well up with tears which caused me to join in.

Seeing the look of uncertainty. The look of fear and confusion. I remembered back to hearing my father crying on the phone when I was diagnosed and it brought back so many awful feelings.

I am so thankful that I can be there for them.

Of course, I wish I didn’t have to at all.


Pancakes and Parties

My very good friend Sean is the Youth and Family Pastor at our church. He went to see “M” in the hospital and told him and his family that I would like to be there for them if they need anything at all.

I received a call from Sean saying that “M” wanted to see if the 3 of us can go to breakfast on Saturday morning so we can talk. After a quick check with my better half, plans were set into motion.

I am really looking forward to listening to him and trying to offer some guidance and hope. I am probably gonna send him to the OC for some good reading so please be on your best behavior! Just kidding.

I will let you know how the breakfast visit goes. I was thinking about putting together a little care package of stuff for him. Do you guys have any suggestions? Things that maybe you were not told to get but that you learned are indispensable for you now? I was thinking like Glucose Tabs, foot lotion, and maybe some sugar free candy or something. I would love some ideas.

In other news, we had an open house at my company’s office to show off our newly remodeled facilities and invite our customers to meet us. It was a great event. Lots of people, lots of booze, and lots of food. I even let Master P hang out. He hung proudly on my belt and watched all the people from the side view. 3 different people said, “What’s that on your side?” I have yet to have people ask about “P” so I was really excited to spread the knowledge about the big D and how Master P helps me out. I even raised an additional 50 bucks for the Walk I am doing on the
4th November. Sweet!

Master P was in Full Effect!


Not again

I just found out that one of the High School aged kids at Church is spending the night in the hospital. He was diagnosed as a type 1 tonight.

With little "O" (I will update you on her soon) and now this kid, we will call him "M", being diagnosed I am just so upset.

I am sick of diabetes. I truly hate it. I hate what it does to childhoods. What is does to pocketbooks. What it does to hope.

I just remember how difficult it was to be a teenager in the first place. Hair is new places. Aroma's that were never pleasing. Zits. squeeky voices. Did I mention Zits? Being a teen is not easy and especially when you find that you are not "normal."

My mission is to get to know M. I know his family but have not really gotten to know him since I do not work with the youth at church any longer.

If you knew how many times I told myself, "You need to be there for that kid who feels alone since you always felt alone." I want to pay it forward.

I love the OC so much and your guidance means the world to me. I would love any advice you may have for helping this guy and his family out.

I know O's parents well so that was not so weird. I don't want to overstep my bounds.

I may be taking the "Super George" thing a little too seriously.


Tin or Aluminum? Really?

I have found that I walk a fine line between Traditional and Modern when it comes to my way of thinking.

But I cannot agree with either choice today. Tin or Aluminum? WTF?

Anyway, I promise this will make sense in a few paragraphs.

Let’s go back about 13 years ago.

I was in love. But the girl I was in love with was “promised” to another guy. Let me clarify that “promised” is only because she had a “promise ring” on from a guy she had been dating for 2.5 years.

I was sick. I knew that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with her. She was my very first girlfriend. She was the first girl I ever kissed. She was a fellow band geek like me. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her back when I was 15. I knew then that she was special. We split in high school which was typical high school stuff but we always stayed good friends and now she was promised to some jerk who never knew how great she was.

My very good friend told me, “If this guy does not treat her well” He didn’t. “then get rid of him.” (not Soprano’s style)

“Okay” I replied.

The next few months I spent talking to her and finding out how their relationship was. I discovered even more awful stories about how this guy treated her. She was not happy but was almost just settling for this guy. I took the biggest risk I have ever taken in my life and said,

“Look, I am totally in love with you. I know that we are supposed to be together and if for one second you think that it would work with me and that you would like to try let me know and I will be there. I want to spend everyday of my life with you. I want to laugh, cry, win, lose, dance, sing, win the lottery, live in a box, what ever life brings, I want to do it with you.”

She says, “I have been waiting for this for so long. I thought that since you and [some girl I was dating for a while] were together that we would never have a chance. When [the jerk] asked me to wear this promise ring I told him I would have to think about it. I called [a mutual friend] and asked how the two of you were doing and she said that you guys were doing great so I figured, oh well and told [the jerk] that I would wear it.”

Then she kissed me.

I cannot even tell you how long my face was stuck in a smile. I felt like I flew home that night. And I can feel it now when I think about it.

Today is our 10 year anniversary.

We have a home. We have 2 wonderful children. We have a good life. We have each other.

I don’t think Tin or Aluminum can even come close.


Walk for Diabetes

Back in April I posted about finally starting a team to do a walk to benefit Diabetes research. Now as the date nears, I wanted to give anyone out there who comes across this blog the opportunity to either join me and walk with team “Beat the Bete” or donate to the cause. I would love to meet any bloggers in my neck of the woods so please visit the links below if you want to join!

This is the first time I have ever done this but I know it will not be my last. I missed the JDRF walk but I plan on doing that one next year too.

This year team “Beat the Bete” will walk to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.

If you are able to donate, and of course any amount is appreciated, please click here.

If you would like to walk with us please click here to join the team.

Any of you that cannot walk with us or donate, please keep us in your prayers and thoughts. That is a huge donation in my book.

After reading about Allison and Kerri's awesome walks, I look forward to my turn helping in the journey to a cure.