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Entries from November 1, 2011 - November 30, 2011


You Tube Tuesday #250

This is it. The last You Tube Tuesday post. 

It was back on January 2nd, 2007 when I decided to start the weekly post. Some clips have been funny, some bizarre, and some were just me being an idiot.

Originally I had planned to have an awesome post like I did back on the 100th episode but I decided that I should just go full circle and post the very first You Tube Tuesday clip. 

So here it is. The clip that started it all will end it today. Enjoy.


Thankful For 43

For 20 years I have waited for this year. The year the curse would either be confirmed or broken.

You see, my father died when he was 42. He was in pretty good health or so we thought. He had one massive heart attack that caused parts of his heart to literally expload. 

It was one of the worst days of my life and truly the beginning of a downward spiral that I would not wish on anyone. I see how it helped shape me into the person I am but I would never call it a "blessing in disguise." It was awful.

Another part of this story is that my Grandfather also died at a relatively young age of a heart attack. So naturally I assume my fate would be the same. 

I was blessed with probably the best family I could have ever asked for. I have 3 sisters who are like my best friends. We all have different relationships but I consider myself close to all of them. I am sure losing dad when we were all so young only strengthened the bonds between us.

This year my oldest sister said something to me that confirmed I was not the only one who didn't think any of us would outlive dad. In fact, I figured since I had even more cards stacked against me with the whole Diabetes thing and all that I would not make it even as far as I have.

She said, "Well it's just a few more weeks until I have passed the Grim Reaper year." A lump came into my throat as I tried to find the words to say that would not "go there" but would at least let her know she was not alone in worrying. 

We really are typically an upbeat bunch but death just does something to you I guess.

When I opened Facebook to post on her wall for her birthday a few weeks past I was crying like crazy. How could my dad's death 2 decades ago still hurt so much? How is it that I would assume us kids would suffer the same fate? What is wrong with me?

Today at dinner all I could think about was my dad. I tried to think about other blessings but the fact that the "curse" was broken gave me a weird feeling. Like dad was smiling down from Heaven happy that we will be around longer than he got to.

I know he's here, heck I can swear I hear his voice sometimes but I miss so much. Just to be able to play some basketball with him would be awesome. I want more than anything for him to know his grandchildren.

He does. I know he does. Still I miss him.

But I am not ready to join him. How about 86? I would be okay with that.


You Tube Tuesday #249

Now I know that laughter is the best medicine but this is...well... creepy.


I am on vacation this week with little access to the interwebs so posts may be few and far between.




I love my iPhone. I have it with me everywhere I go and look at it more often than another other piece of technology I have.

That includes my insulin pump, glucose meter, and CGM.

Also with all the apps I have and use, my iPhone gets quite the workout.

Well, when I was offered a chance to check out a new diabetes management tool that works with an iPhone I figured I would go for it. Typically this is not the blog people come to when they are looking for the newest thing on the market or Breaking Diabetes Stories.

I am not that guy.

But when something catches my eye and I feel like I have something to share, I will.

So let me tell you about Glooko.

It works like this. 


Get the app and buy the cable. Download your meter reading to your iPhone! 

Bam! Done! Awesome!

Our BG readings are what we need to see to determine our therapy. If our numbers are not where we want them to be than we can adjust. But to adjust one day to the next would mean changing every day! Looking at a log helps because you can see the bigger picture. But honestly, who wants to log?

We already have to make ourselves bleed several times a day and now you want me to write down those numbers every time? And the food I eat? And my mood? Ugh! At least with Glooko my numbers are pulled and I can add my food and mood right into it. 

In between Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, and the occasionally Tiny Wings game.

The cable fits into my meter case so it's not like a big bulky thing to carry around and more importantly, it does not allow manual number entry.


Hear me out.

Let me ask you a question. How many times have you falsified your logbook? How many times do you make up numbers because you forgot to fill it in? Do you think your doctor knows? Do you think you are the only one who does that?

False numbers mean false treatment. How can we expect our doctors to help us if we do not give them our actual numbers?

Now the first thing I think about is the real problem here which is the stigma attached to those numbers often perpetuated by our medical care team. The fact that I will be reprimanded for "bad" numbers makes me not want to turn in "bad" numbers. If I can avoid the guilt lecture, I will. How can our doctors expect real numbers when we get scolded?

We get scolded. Who benefits? Not us. Diabetes. Diabetes benefits. That makes no sense.

Changing the power of those numbers is a job that is a lot bigger! But being able to take in numbers that are real so your therapy is what you actually need is a positive thing!

Wow, I am getting off topic here. Back to Glooko.

Glooko keeps us honest because it pulls the numbers from our meters directly. Sure it doesn't work with all the meters out there but I am hopeful it will someday. 

It is compatible with these meters: Bayer’s Contour®, FreeStyle Freedom Lite®, FreeStyle Lite®, OneTouch® Ultra®2, OneTouch® UltraLink® and OneTouch® UltraMini®. (don't you just love all those numbers? HAHA) 

I spoke to Anita from Glooko the other day about the product and my experience. The conversation was quickly swept away in the little rant I wrote above. What can I say, I am a passionate guy.

My big take away from talking with her and hearing about the company is their vision and their dedication to finding ways to make our lives easier. I truly appreciate that and look forward to new innovations and updates from Glooko in the future.

Look I know some of you will not be impressed with this product. You want it to be wireless, available for different phones, with more bells and whistles, and who knows what else!

I get it. And so does Glooko.

The thing is that Glooko is fulfilling a need in a new way that makes our lives a little easier.

Everything counts and the beauty of Glooko is they are not stopping with just this release. They want to and will continue to improve it and who knows what else! 

Check it out and see for yourself. It is pretty cool and totally easy to use.



I am very old school in picking winners.


And here are all the entries




And now the moment you have all been waiting for...




The Bacon Wrapped Winners!



Congratulations! You six will soon have people staring at your hip in an entirely new way!

Not in a, "what is that thing?" way but in an "OMGooses Bacon! Tell me why you are so incredibly awesome," way.

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Thanks again Medtronic for sponsoring this giveaway and thanks to everyone who entered and laughed at the video. It was some of my finest work...so far. ;)