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Guest Post Week - Scott Strange

This is the first post of my Guest Post week and I am so happy that it is written by my good friend Scott. Scott is one of those people that is who he is and I love that. I feel like I know him well because he is so honest. He is a great writer, a great friend, and one awesome advocate. Thanks so much Scott for doing this!

It’s the Holidays and We All Know What That Means!

When George, aka Ninjabetic, asked if I’d be interested in doing a guest post, I was more than happy to oblige.  George is one of those guys you can form an instant bond with and I consider him to be a close friend.  His ability to find something to find enjoyment in at any given moment is amazing.  As is his love of bacon, but I digress…

As the holiday season closes in upon us, we are once again thrust into 5 or 6 weeks of insanity.  I try to not even leave the house on Black Friday, do 90% of my shopping online and will seriously consider severing my own foot to avoid having to set it inside a shopping mall.

Lots of foods and goodies around and stress of wanting everything to go right during the holidays can make for a few weeks of being constantly on the ol’ glucocoaster.  And that’s ok.  We’re not perfect and shouldn’t expect ourselves to be.

And the D-police we’re bound to run into? Most of them just want to help so,  after you get them to pass the yams, try and have a brief but insightful conversation about why you CAN eat that.  And if that doesn’t work, feel free ask them “Why are you still talking?”.  Maybe take a stack of the Diabetes Etiquette Cards from the Behavioral Diabetes Institute along with you to hand out at the door?  Tell folks there WILL be a test at about the time the turkey overdose starts to kick in.

Other folks get stressed this time of year too.  Try and remember that a simple “please”, “thank you”,  “can I help?”, holding a door open for someone, or just a “Merry Christmas” can go a long way.  It really can be just the littlest thing this time of year that can at least give a brief respite to the constant turmoil the holidays can bring.

Well with all that being said I wish you all a correction-bolus free holiday season with much warmth and joy for you, your loved ones and friends.