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Entries from July 1, 2009 - July 31, 2009


The D-Event You Won't Want To Miss!

So on Wednesday I decided to challenge Cherise (@Diabeticizme) to a freestyle rap battle.

The first ever #d-rapbattle will be held tomorrow July 31, 2009, 7:30 PST. The #D-rapbattle will be brought to you live via Tokbox.com. You have to watch twitter for the invite. If you decide to watch/listen to the #d-rapbattle, make sure you are on Twitter and are following both me (@ninjabetic) and Cherise (@Diabeticizme). Also PLEASE make sure your have your headset/earphones on since the echo on tokbox can get a little crazy.

I hope you are all ready to hear this ninja spit some DOPE rhymes (And make a complete fool of himself.)



Another Post about Roche

One thing that I felt as I sat in that room, with all those bloggers, was power.

Power to change things. To make a difference. To get our voices heard!

The only way this can happen is if we band together. If we unite as one voice and shout from rooftops about our needs, our dreams, and our hopes for a cure then we cannot be ignored.

But we must stick together.

We are all here online looking for advice, support, friends, a place to be heard, a place to get frustrations out, tips on managing, and maybe if read here, a little silliness now and then. But one thing that bonds us is the awful disease. We can take that and make it into something so much better if we use our numbers to raise some awareness and hopefully get the word out that those PWD’s who feel alone and who are scared can find support right here.

To attack one another and hate on one another or to NOT support another (even if you don’t click) is just letting diabetes win. I can not really get into a blog but still love that it is exists? Why not? I know not everything is for me but someone may be touched and moved by a particular post or writer and friends we have to celebrate that.

Different types, different people, different styles will always be around. The more voices the better. And I want to celebrate them all.

There is one caveat. If your posts are hurtful or if your intent is not supportive then there is no way I can support that. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about helping each other and supporting our cause. We cannot unite if we fight.

So what now? I am not sure. I am not good at organizing stuff but I look forward to November 14th and World Diabetes Day and I hope we can all band together in a new way that may reach many of those people who are looking for support or influence some major corporation to support diabetes causes the way Revlon supports cancer causes.

Ideas? Thoughts?


Who's to Blame?

One thing that came up during our talks at the Summit was guilt and how diabetes is unique in that, the patient feels a lot of guilt for what goes on in his or her body.

This got me thinking. When I think, I want to share. When I share I write. Check out my post on DLife and let me know what you think, either there or here.


You Tube Tuesday #130

This is kind of a long clip which I try to avoid and it takes a few moments to get to the good stuff but I really think it is cool. I love stuff like this.

I hope you do too.



Roche Social Media Summit

The lack of posts from yours truly last week was due to the Roche Social Media Summit I was attending.

I am not a fan of reinventing the wheel and here is a good chance for you to check out some of the awesome people I met. So here are some great posts about the social media summit (And a fun one too!) Go read, look at pictures (I took some with my iPhone but they look awful), and then come back and read my take.

What I loved:

  • Meeting all these wonderful people that I had only dreamed of meeting.
  • Seeing those that I have met before and whom I missed dearly.
  • Roche for extending a hand to us and keeping good on their promise of not “being a commercial.”
  • Seeing how test strips are made.
  • Feeling so powerful among my blogging brothers and sisters.
  • Knowing that we do make a difference and trying to figure out how we can work together better.
  • People shouting “GEORGE!” when I walked in at dinner. (I get surprised that people are excited to see me. It is usually the other way around.)
  • When the Roche exec asked me, “so what’s up with these people shouting your name when you walked in!” LOL
  • Lots of Diet Soda and Bacon at breakfast.
  • Laughing and Crying with people I love.
  • Hugs.

What I did not like:

  • Missing Sara.
  • Almost missing my flight home.
  • Not having enough time with my friends.
  • When the Roche exec asked me, “So you call yourself a ‘Ninja.’ What exactly does that mean?” LOL
  • Tim.
  • Sitting on the plane home, alone in my thoughts, and wiping away tears that I could not stop for the life of me.

One thing you should know is that Diet Coke in Indiana sometimes comes with a surprise!

Look for more on the summit later this week.