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Entries from August 1, 2006 - August 31, 2006


Snack Attack

This is the longest I have gone without a cigarette in a LONG time. I know it has only been 2 days but that is a major accomplishment for me. The thing is, I have become the ultimate Snackster! I am eating carrots, Cheetos, celery, Triscuits, gum, mints, peanuts, toast, popsicles, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I think Master P is getting mad since we are talking a lot these days (extra bolusing).

I have found a few things interesting living La Vida Smokeless.

• My feet don’t tingle and hurt as much.
• I can smell fabric softner – Downey smells yummy.
• EVERYTHING tastes yummy (not Downey).
• My Car still smells new.
• I get a lot more work done each day.

Every time I eat a snack, the little George dressed in Red on my left shoulder says, “You never ate this much smoking! Maybe you should lose some more weight and then try quitting.”

But then, little George on the right (who is always right) dressed in white says, “You can always lose weight but you cannot grow back toes.”

So true little G, so true.


Wearing a Patch

No not that kind!

As of this morning I have applied a Nicotine patch since my last
failed. I am hoping that with a little help from the patch I will be able to kick this habit once and for all.

I had an appointment on Friday with my Endocrinologist and he was pretty happy with my numbers. He gave me lab work paperwork to see what my A1C looks like and of course other tests.

I asked him for a referral to a CDE and a Podiatrist. You see, I have a little discoloring in one of my toes and it is not the one I had
a problem with in July.
I had noticed this a while back. I had mentioned it to the old crazy doctor I had a while ago and he told me that was normal! This is one of the many reasons I do not see this quack any longer.

I know that my smoking directly affects my blood flow and lack of blood is what is causing the grayishness of “the piggy that stayed home.” I know it seems a selfish reason to quit but it is tangible. I can see that smoking is hurting me even though I have always known it was hurting me inside.

Here I am on the pump, checking my BG 8-10 times a day, counting all my carbs, and exercising each day. WTF am I doing continuing to smoke? It is almost as if it is the one thing I was holding onto. It kept me different and made me feel rebellious. Not to mention I am addicted.

Let’s hope that this time is the last time I ever have to quit this stupid addiction. Your words of encouragement and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

In the box of Patches, there was a little wallet card that says, “Reasons why I quit.”

1. My Toes / Feet
2. George
3. Gillian
4. Jasmine
5. My (future) Grandchildren


Brother & Sister Day

At the Simmons house, every August 22nd, our children celebrate "Brother & Sister Day."

It was 3 years ago when Georgie & Gillian told us one August morning,

"We want to start a new holiday. It's called brother and sister day! Every year on August 22nd we will make it a special day where we just play together and do cool stuff, but just us. No other friends or anything! Isn't that cool?"

My wife and I were a little curious as to where they came up with this and why August 22nd? Georgie said, "Well, we have mother's day and father's day but no Brother and Sister day. And since our birthdays are both on the 22nd of our months, August is kind of in the middle so we thought that would be good."

Keep in mind that George was 9 and Gillian was only 5 when they came up with this. They were so excited!

The first annual Bro and Sis day consisted of playing in the sprinklers, watching movies, playing board games, and switching bedrooms for the night.

3 years later and the tradition that they started continues.

Gillian told me that after they have breakfast, they are gonna watch a movie, then play Checkers, maybe a board game, ride bikes, play on the slip and slide, then pitch up a tent in the backyard and camp out for the night.

George had told us earlier in the month when planning began for this special day that He and Gillian have talked about keeping this tradition going even into their adult years. He said that when they have their own families they will take a day, just the two of them, and hang out together and just enjoy each others company.

Have a great day guys!

Happy Brother & Sister day.


Lunch Chatter

Everyday at lunch my whole office sits in the break room together at a large oval table and eats at a group. We have two phones in there and each day 2 of us are assigned to answer them during the lunch hour. It is actually a lot of fun because we chit chat about TV’s shows, happenings in our lives, or news stories. Whatever is on our minds. It works out to be a good team building routine and at first I thought I would hate it but it’s actually okay.

Today, as one of my co-workers was looking through an “O” magazine or “Ladies Home Journal” or one of those periodicals that when I look at it, I can never find a single story, all I see are advertisements! Anyhow, there was a story about kids with “Glass Bones” which is a condition where a child has very brittle, fragile bones. So much so that a mother who picked up her newborn broke 3 of her ribs! So sad. So awful. I cannot imagine how terrible that would be.

Then the stories started flying from both sides of the table.

“I heard about these kids that are missing layers of skin and are in extreme pain all the time!”

“The worst are the children that age before their time. That is awful!”

“I do not know what I would do if I had Siamese twins. I don’t know how my husband would handle it!”

Some started tearing up and others just sat in silence.

I just listened. As usual my brain started coming up with something to say but luckily my normal “verbal diarrhea” response was halted by a spoonful of soup. I thought to myself, what is sad to me is that something so out of the ordinary, something so rare is what is on people’s minds more then something that is an epidemic. How can that be?

It is almost as if the world is bored with Cancer, Diabetes, Hunger, & Poverty. The news would rather tell you about something that will scare the living daylights out of any would be parent even though they have a better chance of being on a plane overtaken by snakes then having a child with this rare disorder.

I started to think about all of my interactions with people regarding my “D” and I have to tell you, people are bored. It’s like, “Oh you have Diabetes? Big deal, everyone has that!”

But that is the Big FREAKING DEAL!

So many people have Diabetes that it is looked at like having “Chicken Pox.” At least that is the way I believe the world sees it.

That, my friends is sad.


Sunday Blunder

I made a big mistake this morning.

Every Sunday before church I run through the old Del Taco for my one "bad" breakfast each week. Mon-Fri my breakfast is one packet of plain old Oatmeal with 2 packets of Splenda and a little pat of "I Can't Believe it's not Butter!" (BTW, that is not just a clever name! How do they do it!?!)

So this morning I checked my BG, 157 (had a bad low of 42 last night and over corrected but not horrible). I said 157 out loud so I would not forget. Packed up the care and headed for Del Taco. I pulled into the Drive thru.

"welcometodeltacomayitakeyourorder?" the distorted, noncaring, young voice spews.

"Yeah, I want the Bacon and Egg Quesadilla meal with NO SAUCE and a macho DIET coke."


"um, yeah. that's it"


Get the grub. Go to the park. Park the car. Eat the grub! MMMMM Bacon!

We had a great day at church. This week was Vacation Bible School so the kids were up in front singing and doing these sweet little dance moves. It was so much fun. We had a lot of visitors at church so that was cool and the band received a bunch of very nice compliments. A very good way to start the day.

After church we went to lunch at Panera Bread for a friends birthday. I check my BG before we go inside. 327. woah, i have not been that high in a long time. What is up with that??? My BG's have been great! Oh crap....

Iforgottobolusforbreakfast! (That was Del Tacoian)

I felt like such a dummy. That was a first for me so lets see how the rest of the day goes after that.

Master P gave me a mega bolus. We just got back from lunch and man am I tired.

Should I have waited to eat lunch later when my sugar was normal? I didn't know exactly how to handle that. I would really love some direction from the OC.