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Entries from December 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010


Happy New Year

Tonight as I celebrate the coming of the new year I will be thinking about the years past. 

This place is a big part of my life and of who I am. All of you are important to me and this place is really special to me. I will be thinking about all of you tonight.

My plans for next year include losing weight, writing more, better writing, more commenting, more reading, less worrying, less anger, and more love.

I have a theory that everything either stems from Love or Fear. All feelings and ideas ultimately come from those two places. 

I am going to try my best to choose the love route always.

Happy New Year everyone! 


Back and Swipe

My back is BACK! I am not sure what happened but after a night of Motrin and rest I feel myself again.

I have decided to swipe the meme from Kerri's blog since I am not sure how to end this year. 

Here is a collection of the first lines of a definitive post from each month in 2010: 

January: Yesterday I finally received my brand spanking new insurance card.

February: Back in August of 2007 I became an official writer.

March: Sometimes, I am thankful I have diabetes.

April: Seeing those two words takes me back to grammar school.

May: While I was vacationing in MinnesotaScott had planned a meet-up to happen on Saturday at the MOA (Madhouse Mall of America).

June: I knew I wanted to do a walk this year.

July: Monday morning I woke up bright and early.

August: One little granola bar all chewy and yummy that honestly brought me to tears.

September: I have not been this excited about a post in a long time.

October: Trying to figure out how to convey the awesomeness that was last weekend was something I realize I cannot do.

November: I told my son a few months ago that I wanted to write a song with him about type 3's.

December: Tomorrow is December 21st.

Feel free to swipe this up too. I always set a good example.


The Nerve

Last night when I sat down on my bed I felt a horrible pain in my lower back. 

I don't know if I twisted my body in a weird way or something but as soon as I sat down it hurt. 

All night I tossed and turned trying to alleviate the pain and nothing helped. I got up around 3:00AM and took two Aleve which did nothing to relieve anything. Nice.

So this morning as I just barely made it up out of bed and to the shower I had this pain shooting down my right leg. It feels like my whole leg wants to fall off and my back is having a party at the same time.

It is awful. 

My drive to work was torture also. What sucks is that there is no way to sit that is comfortable, or stand. If I lie flat on my back I am okay but it is hard for me to sleep like that, not to mention ANY time I move the pain is back.

My wife says it's my Sciatica nerve. I am not sure if that means I am being a wuss or what but I am telling you, all I want is serious drugs to kill this pain.

Alright, now I know I am being a wuss. I am going to try and suck it up and get through the day.

Getting old sucks.


You Tube Tuesday #203

This clip is just cool.

I hope they make one of these with Diet Sodapop!




After spending so much time thinking about Christmas and getting ready for the big day, now what?

The holiday weekend was a load of fun. Seeing family and friends and enjoying way too much food made for a great time this Christmas.

But now what?

The end of the year is always a very sobering time for me. As silly as it sounds since most people get “the opposite of sober” as the year ends. But for me the end of the year is a time for reflection.

Looking back on this year and all that happened, I would say that 2010 turned out to be pretty great.

The year started out with the usual, “I am going to get my act together and lose some weight,” which did not happen. I actually gained weight this year. A lot. It is one of the things that has been clawing at me lately. I know I have to address this next year.

This year was the year I finally went to Minnesota. I got to hang out with Scott and his family. It was such a great trip. It felt like home which is just what you want on a trip. To be at a home away from home and that is exactly how I felt. It was a major highlight of my year.

Once again I was invited to the Roche media summit which made for one of the best stories I will ever tell. Being included in a roster that includes all the people I look up to in the OC is very humbling and such an honor.

Another big highlight for me was Diabetes Art Day. Lee Ann came up with an awesome idea for us to all express our diabetes life through art and share it. Still these pictures move me. Especially the ones my family made.

With all the ups and downs that come with diabetes it is hard to look at these highlights and feel completely positive about them. Sure I loved Diabetes Blog Week but that last entry, the “if there was a cure” one was tough to read.

Still I look at all my friends in the OC and I feel in my heart how much they mean to me and I am thankful, in a small way, for having diabetes.

Another big highlight was my 20th anniversary weekend. It turned out to be 1000 times better than I could have ever imagined. Sometimes I think back to it as if it was a dream.

Then there is the Big Blue Test video that my son and I got to be in. That was awesome not to mention what we did as a community! It showed me that what we do online is no joke. We can make a difference. When we work together we can accomplish some very cool stuff.

Then there was switching CGMS from Minimed to Dexcom. It has been an eye opening experience. For me, the Dexcom works the way I always wanted Minimed to work. I cannot imagine not wearing my sensor now. I really depend on it.

But the biggest highlight of the year for me was writing a song with my son for World Diabetes Day. I still get choked up when I read the lyrics.

All and all this year has been pretty great. There were so many other moments that I plan on revisiting by looking through the archives of my blog. It helps to have all this stuff written down for me to look back on.

I am hoping for an even better 2011. In fact, I have a sneaky feeling this may be my best year ever.


Time will tell.