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Road to Somewhere

The results on the ultrasound on my legs came back negative.


So next up was the cardiologist. I met with him on Tuesday. After an EKG and bp check I met with the doctor for about an hour.

He went through my family history, my recent lab work, and lab work from earlier in the year. Twice he had his nurse call my doctor for more reports from the past. I was thankful for the relationship between him and my doctor. Sometimes those doctor to doctor communications take forever and this was refreshing to have it happen so quickly.

The doctor was very concerned with the anemia. That is something he wants to figure out so next up is a slew of blood work. He kept shouting to his nurse all the labs he wanted. I have never had so many panels checked off on a lab request. Do I even have enough blood for all these test? Yikes!

The next step is a stress test this afternoon, lab work in a few weeks, and a new drug to help with cholesterol.

All and all I feel like I am in good hands with this doctor. He is nice, explains everything, looks at all my history as well how I am feeling, and even went so far as to call a colleague for a second opinion while I was in the room.

Although the length of this road is uncertain, I am glad I am on it. Something is wrong and soon we will know what it is and will treat it. 

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