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Doctor in Disguise

Last Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment with Dr. Awesome. When I scheduled it I did not realize that it was Halloween. I also did not know I would be dressing up in a costume so showing up for my appointment in a cowboy outfit was slightly embarassing but who am I kidding, I love that stuff.

The appointment was really just a check up and check in on the whole diabetes thing and all. When the doctor walked in he stopped dead in his tracks and said, "do you know how rediculous you look?" We both cracked up for a spell.

"So have you fallen down any stairs lately?" This was the second question he asked after asking how my wife was, by name. It's a little thing but when you have had a doctor in the past who at every visit you have to tell him AGAIN that you have diabetes, this is refreshing.

After all the sillyness ended we talked about other stuff. I had been having some concerns with my heart since my family has a history of heart disease and heart attacks. Not to mention I have been having some strange feelings in my chest lately.

He quickly hooked me up to an EKG which was all good. Nothing out of the ordinary! YAY!

We talked about the lab work I was long over do for and he said he would add a test to see about possible blood clots. If that test showed anything abnormal then I would be off to a cardiologist but for now, the old ticker seems okay.

"Is there anything else you want to talk about Georgie? It's hard to look at you though with that mustache! I am trying to be serious and I can't!" 

I told him about this weird, gross, thing on my neck that is GROSS! I thought I was a pimple that got out of control but it wasn't. And did I mention it was gross? 

He took a look at it and decided to biopsy it just to be safe. I was just happy to have the gross thing off my neck! EWW!

I got an email from him today that said, "Got the biopsy report back. Good news you pointed that out to me because IT WAS a squamous cell carcinoma which is a skin cancer. These are not overly dangerous but  they can form on other areas of the skin so I will have to do a close inspection of your neck next time you're here and not wearing a disguise. The entire lesion has been removed because the pathologist said the margins are clear. No further surgery is needed at this site. We just need to keep an eye out for other areas of the skin that look suspicious."

 So crazy! I know it is nothing to be worried about but I have never worried about cancer in my life. My giant family has never had to deal with cancer. Except for my mom who has had breast cancer twice. She is the youngest of 9 kids, 8 of which have kids, who have kids, and some of those kids have kids! Still zero cancer until my mom. 

And, in what should be an entire post that I am not ready to even consider writing, my sister who just found out she has breast cancer.

It was always heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, and of course diabetes, now this? I am not worried about me but I am worried about my sister, and my other sisters, and their kids, and my kids! 

For most people a little skin cancer is probably not a big deal but this really shook me. 

Reader Comments (4)

I had a squamous cell skin cancer removed from the middle of my forehead several years ago. It's good that you mentioned it to your doctor.
I now do a yearly appointment with a dermatologist to keep an eye on any new skin things. He usually finds spots that he freezes off at each appointment.
I like your doctor!
I'll keep your sister in my prayers.

November 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterColleen

Holy smokes, dude! Good thing you mentioned it to him and he checked it out!

Also keeping your sis in my prayers.

November 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterScott K. Johnson

Thinking of your sister... and just keep having those weird spots checked out, please!

November 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRachel

of course it shook you! it would have me too! glad it was taken care of without further surgery and now you can keep an eye on it. glad to hear all is well with your ticker also!!

November 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commentershannon

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