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So, did you miss me? Probably no where near as much as I missed you! I have been in a funk when it comes to the DOC because of something I had no control over but that I LET bring me down. 

It was silly and I am ready to come out of the shadows and be an active part of this community once again. 

A lot has changed. Not so many blogs. Lots more FB groups and such. Twitter used to be super hip and now that I heard OJ Simpson joined, well I am not sure what I would call Twitter now! LOL

The thing that has stayed the same is diabetes. The disease is still out there adding to its numbers with new people being diagnosed all the time and claiming the lives of people I know from this community. Can I say "this community?" I don't really feel apart of it anymore. *sad face

Here's the thing, the reason I started this blog 13 years ago was to hopefully help others feel less alone in their diabetes life. The reason I stopped blogging was stupid. 

My heart still wants to connect. To make sure no one feels the way I did over 13 years ago. I want people to know that they are not alone.

Wish me luck! I am doing this.


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