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Weigh in at Brea Mall

So I just got back from the Brea mall weighing in and getting signed up for the challege. I made sure I went out and had the ritual "last supper" before the diet begins. It consisted of 2 chili rellenos, beans, rice, and flour torillas. Oh and don't forget the Diet Coke!

So my scale read 10 pounds lighter yesterday. I usually weigh in wearing my birthday suit before my shower so could i actually be wearing 10 pounds worth of clothes and Bling? Do chili rellenos pack that much lard to my ass? Who knows! so I threw a 10 pound weight on my scale when i got home and it started blinking and then died. I stepped on it and it basically said "screw you" and shut off so now I am going to have to make an emergency run to the Target (pronounced Tarz Jyay) for a new scale.

I am putting together my new weight bench tonight and will being my exercise regimen tomorrow. Sweet!


Welcome to the Slimmons Blog. Yes you read that correctly. I am going to post my trials and challenges as I begin an 8 week National Body Challenge that is being set up by the Discovery Health Channel. Me and 15 others, including my wife, are going to each throw some money into a pot and the biggest loser at the end of the challenge takes it all. I figure that is a small price to pay to motivate myself and others to get healthier this year.

I have already purchased some exercise equipment that is nothing major but enough to keep me busy and hopefully shed some LBS's.

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