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Friday Vlog - The Biggest Loser

It was late Thursday night that I recorded this so my voice and distance from the camera are not the norm.

The Biggest Loser - D Style that Landileigh put together is the topic as is support and the community we offer to one another. It is an awesome tool for motivation and accountability.

Check out the post and hear my ramblings.

I almost forgot, Teddy makes an appearance too!



Cheese Sticks and Ninja Kicks

Christmas was a very quiet one. Not typical for my family but a nice change. I did not leave my house on Friday or Saturday. Two days and I never saw the sun. That was both nice and maddening come Saturday night but I feel rested so it must have been a good idea.

Last night was a big night. I would hate to spoil it so check out the vlog post below. Then you gotta click the link.


You Tube Tuesday #100 - SPECIAL EDITION!

For the past 99 weeks I featured different video clips on this blog.

This being the 100th week I had to do something different.

Something over the top.

Something special.



The Friday Vlog

I am not a fan (yet) of themed Christmas trees. I like having ornaments from all over the place. It always brings up great memories looking at old silly ornaments so we are sticking with the "mish mosh" tree for now.

Oh and a few Blogging Buddies get a shout out on this vlog!



vloggle Vloggle VLOGGLE

That title is the worst turkey slash vlog joke ever but who else would say something stupid like that besides little old me!

This vlog post is about Thanksgiving and not about the meal but what I am thankful for.

Although the meal is gonna kick butt!


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