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You Tube Tuesday #5

Tomorrow I will post about my adventure at the Ophthalmologists office.

Today I give you another kitty video but this one blew me away. I have NEVER seen a cat like this before.

Check it out.


You Tube Tuesday #4

A friend of mine swears that this exercise fad helped her lose 30 pounds.

I must confess that I did try it once. It is hard to do any of this program without laughing or continually making sure no one is watching. I think this was the only time in my life I have ever been embarrassed while being completely alone.

*EDIT 1/25/07 - The original clip I posted was taken down. I found another one. I had to have something for you all to see!


You Tube Tuesday #3

As a Diabetic, I know the vital importance of good medical care. Let's hope these two found Moe and changed careers immediately following this embarrassing moment. Also, I feel bad for the patient! Check it out.


You Tube Tuesday #2

We got a Wii for Christmas. It is as fun as it looks although I have had several Wii induced hypos recently!

This is the first video game that my wife, daughter, and even my MOTHER likes.

It is so much fun! Playing with the kids helps me with this funkiness I have been feeling. They are a total antidepressant.


You Tube Tuesday #1

One of my many resolutions this year is to add some "regular features" on the old Blog so every Tuesday you can expect a new You Tube video.

Some may be funny. Thought provoking. Who knows. Some may even be original Super George movies! :) Anyhow, enjoy the clip and take a look at a 10 hour time lapse video of what cats do all day!

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