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Doctors Are People Too!

That sentence seems like one nobody needs to say. I mean, of course doctors are people too. Why would you need to remind us of that?

I probably don’t need to but a reminder of that fact was delivered to me the other day and it sort of freaked me out.

My wife and I are not the most traditional people in the world but there are a few old school things we just cannot shake. In this case, I am talking about the answering machine and home phone. Yes we have cell phones but that home number with an answering machine is still collecting messages from telemarketers and bill collectors. As well as sick doctors.

The other night we get home and see the indicator light on the machine blinking. When I listen to the messages I find out that my doctor is in the hospital having emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix!


The message also instructed me on who to call if I need to get to the doctors while he is out.

When I think about my doctor I always assume he is healthy. Of course this is something that happens. Of course doctors get sick and need emergency services sometimes. Of course because doctors are people too!

That statement usually reminds me of the mistakes doctors can make and how they are not perfect.

They have their own health to think about as well as their own patients. There is something very comforting about seeing a doctor as a person just like me and not some super human that has all the answers. 

I trust my doctor because he has earned it, just like any person I trust. It doesn’t just come with that prefix before his name. And with that trust comes a relationship that is good for my health. He can talk to me about my life and my health and I am willing to share honestly and follow his lead knowing he is doing his best to take care of me. And also knowing that not everything he tells me to do will be the right thing but I trust he is doing his best.

After all, doctors are people too!

I hope you start feeling better soon Dr. Awesome!

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I don't know.

July 24, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymouse

Yes, doctors are humans! I think it was a bit problematic at times with doctors but most of the time you have to understand that they are doing their job. And they are doing it very well. They might also be photogenic as in you pic! :)

Its a good thing if you have a personal connection with your doc. I love mine and he gives me tips how to get a free glucose meter and test strips and such things. It's not much, but I love that we work together on my diabetes. I feel less alone.

October 22, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

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